Akamiru Tennysoko is the Omnitrix wielding main character of Akamiru 10.


Prior to Akamiru 10

Akamiru was born December 28, 1999 to Akio Tennysoko & Makoto Tennysoko.

Akamiru 10

In The First Omnitrix, Akamiru found the Omnitrix at the end of the episode when it latched onto his wrist.


Akamiru has taken many self-defense classes as well as being physically agile. After gaining the Omnitrix he was able to transform into a variety of aliens. and use their special abilities.


Akamiru like most humans is physically weak compared to many aliens and their powers. He relies on the Omnitrix for help and can get killed when it times out. Also whenever he is knocked out he will (usually) revert.


Every episode of Akamiru 10.

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