General Information
Home World Br and other moons
Body Otter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability,
Underwater Breathing,
Cyro Immunity,
Shooting a beam of light (evolved),
Cyrokinesis (evolved),
Enhanced Speed (evolved),
Invisibility (evolved)


They have fur to help them blend in with their planet`s main color. Young Aiw are three to four feet tall; evolved Aiw are a foot taller. They are very fluffy, especially female Aiw.


They enjoy floating on their backs. They are known for being opt


They have the option of opening their gills and breathing underwater. They are very durable and immune to ice attacks. Evolved Aiw can shoot beams of ice and light; evolved Aiw can become invisible. Evolved Aiw are known for being faster than other Aiw.


Female Aiw, when finding a mate, have their future offspring developing near the female Aiw`s stomach. Within six months or so, the baby peeks its head out of the female Aiw`s fur.

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