Air Fare is a Ventusian from the planet Ozonia. Debuting in Ben 10: Omnitrix Unleashed, he is the first alien Ben uses in the series.




  • Can move at great speeds, creating a tornado-effect
  • Can shoot wind-based projectiles
  • Has power over water, electricity, fire, and ice to some degree
  • Can shape shift to some degree


  • "This will be a BREEZE!"
  • "WIND there's a will, there's a way!"


  • Air Fare's name is a pun on the term of the same name, the charge paid for transport on an airplane.
  • It is also confirmed that the "Fare" suffix of Air Fare's name is derived from "fair weather", fitting when considering the alien's .
  • Air Fare's over the elements change depending on Ben's mood, and each have different effects on the environment. For example, Air Fare turns red and extremely increases air temperature when Ben is agitated, earning him the power of fire.
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