Ahst Reflector is a Petrosapien from the planet Petropia in Evan Billion. He is a member of F.I.N.D.


Ahst is a crystalline humanoid with a rock body. He is much more muscular than other Petrosapienss.


Like any Petrosapiens, Ahst can control and launch diamonds from his body. Ahst has also learned to control his diamonds to do different things, such as exploding. Ahst can absorb, reflect, and deflect energy with his diamond body. He can shape his arms and hands into diamond weapons, and generate diamonds from the ground in different forms.

Ahst is also much stronger than the average Petrosapiens. He possesses lots of force that enables him to fight well and stay strong in battle.


Ahst's stupidity is his main weakness. Ahst is dumb, and doesn't think before he acts, and it will usually end up getting his team hurt. Apart from this, Ahst has the weaknesses of a regular Petrosapiens.


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