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Ahmadium is a planet Ahmad owns in Ahmad 15, Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero, Fred 40 The New Life, and Omar 15: A New Gen.


A small yellow star orbitting earth with a Space of 10,900 km2. It also has 5,000 km2 of Water.

Since it is on the other side of which the sun is in (which means they Parallel), Ahmad knows where is it. It goes on same speed as the moon but is far than it within 10,969 km so they never touch.

Gas and Gravity[]

Its Gravity is about 79% of earth's gravity.

Gas Percent
Oxygen 20%
Carbon Dioxide 20%
Nitrogen 20%
Hydrogen 20%
Neon 0.45%
Other Gases 19.55%


Was a star orbiting Earth. But Plumbers found it and rewarded it to Ahmad for stopping Kevin. Ahmad then became its magister and protector.

Whats in it[]

Ahmad freed Dito and let him divide and be his servants in it. Ditos are some inhabitants of it. Ahmad built a 2-level Building on it. He used level 2 as a lab and 1 as a place to hang out. Dittos also have pods to sleep it (out of the house. Ahmad planted some trees with Wildvine to let them eat.

Fred 40 Million Future[]

It is upgraded to have citizens not from the Omnitrix.

Alternate Future[]

Ahmad (now collector) changed it. He covered its sight of sun, and killed all Dittoes and hired Robots. It is now his unaccesible Lair. It is protected by a great glass.