Ahmad Kibbi, reffered to as Kibbi simply, is an upcoming character in Ahmad 15 (Rebooted). Not much is known about him.

Ahmad Kibbi
General Information
Species Human (haywired with Nanomech DNA)
Age 14
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Bioelectric Energy Manipulation
Alias Ahmad Junior (Ahmad)
Junior (Ahmad)
First Appearance Unknown


He looks like an exaggeratively short boy, with black curly hair, dark eyes, and a noticeable mustache.

In his mechnical form, he has wings that sounded like bugs, and mechnical tentacles coming from his back. He wears a robotic mask that shows one glowing orb in place of an eye.

Powers and Abilities

Kibbi has natural biolectric energy stored in his body. He can fire it out in the form of blasts, from his hands.

Kibbi can summon mechanical wings to fly.

Kibbi can summon mechanical tentacles from his back. These can grab into something to hack into it, or electrocute it.

Kibbi can shrink his size further, and regrow back to his regular state.


Due to Kibbi often using his shrinking powers, his human form's growth hormones are negatively affected. This means his height will not develop like a normal teenage boy, instead taking longer to complete his growth spurt. So far, Kibbi has only grown three inches since he gained his powers several years ago.

Kibbi can be short circuited if exposed to water.




  • Despite being reffered to by Ahmad as Ahmad Junior (or Junior), and having Ahmad as his first name, he is not an alternate version or relative of the titlur main character.
  • His catchphrase is "Get outta town!"
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