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Ahmad 20 is a ripoff of Ahmad 15 Created by Reo


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The Series Has 2 Ahmad's in it, because for the Name Ahmad 20, there were 2 reasons.Of course, Ahmad has allowed this and he chose the name from all of Reo's suggestions


When the Ultimate Battle is about to come, Ahmad travels to an other dimension for help. He finds out how he will win. Meanwhile in his dimension things have turned much more darker. The guardians of the Universe see this and chose to re-start the dimension, not knowing of Ahmad's travels. When Ahmad returns, the world has started again with new friend, villains and a new Ahmad.




Season 1

  1. In A New Dimension
  2. The Tale of 2 Ahmads
  3. Aggregor Returns (Ahmad 20)
  4. To Save Petropia
  5. Shadows of Anur
  6. Corrupted
  7. Deadlock
  8. Protector
  9. Charmed
  10. Family Ties
  11. Thirst For Power
  12. The True Storm: Part 1
  13. The True Storm: Part 2
  14. The Man in the Mirror
  15. An Old Friend
  16. Mutant Mayhem
  17. Watched
  18. Battle Plan
  19. Into the Void: Part 1
  20. Into The Void: Part 2


Bold means that the New Ahmad has Used him>Italic means the alien hasn't appeared. Underlined means he has been used by the old Ahmad. The Old Ahmad has access to a total of 150 aliens, but the new one has access to 200 aliens.


  • Originally this was going to be made by just Reo and Sync would do the art, but Flame also wanted to help.
  • Same as Ahmad 15, It has 3 seasons
  • Same as Ahmad 15, It has Ultimate forms
  • User: Ahmad15 Is the idea guy for the series
  • This is the 1st project of the UDE