This series is cancelled. Move along.

Template:TV-14 New Ahmad 15.png Ahmad 15 is a series by Ahmad15 that follows HIS fiction Adventures.


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Openings & Endings

Same as UA Theme Song, replacing Ben with Ahmad, and it has ALL aliens Ahmad ever turned into in the series.


  • The series will contain 3 seasons; Season 1 will feature 12 year old Ahmad, Season 2 will feature 13 year old Ahmad, and Season 3 will feature 15 year old Ahmad.
  • Ahmad is confirmed to wear the Strike Omnimatrix in Season 2. 
  • Ahmad will get a motorcycle. However it was hinted that this phrase has a continous.
  • I will post an image simiulating a scene of each Episode. 
  • It did come back form hiatus in April 1, 2014. By then, a lot of episodes were predone.
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