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Ahmad 15 is a series by Ahmad15 that follows HIS fiction Adventures.

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Season 1 (Ahmad 15)[]

# Episode Name Plot
1 Christmas Gifts Ahmad gets a special gift on Christmas-The Ultimatrix!
2 Secrets Revealed Ahmad fights his Arch-enemy for the first Time-Vilgax!
3 Ultimatrix, Meet your Creator! Ahmad meets the Ultimatrix Creator, Azmuth.
4 Boo! Zs'Skayr sends Skulker to Ahmad to kidnap and kill him.
5 My World Zs'Skayr attacks Ahmad's real world and gets defeated.
6 In your Dreams Oussama ruins Ahmad's Dream.
7 Oussama 15 What if Oussama gets the Ultimatrix?
8 Final Battle pt. 1 Ahmad's Enemies team up to defeat him.
9 Final Battle pt. 2 Ahmad defeats His Enemies.

Season 2 (Ahmad 15: Mega Power)[]

# Episode Name Plot
1 Ahmad 15 returns Ahmad returns after a long training in the Plumber's Academy.
2 Plumbers and the Gang Oussama meets the Plumbers and becomes one.
3 The secret of Ben Tennyson The Gang find what happened to Ben Tennyson.
4 Pet Project Ahmad gets a, well, Pet!
5 Ahmad 15,000
6 Osmosian Oussama discovers that he has Osmosian Powers
7 Against Mirror Ahmad meets his opposite.
8 Omar 15 Ahmad 15,000 gets a son and gives him the Ultimatrix

Season 3 (Ahmad 15 vs. the Ultimate Two)[]

# Episode Name Plot
1 The Battle of the Osmosians Ultimate Kevin and Damha team up to kill Ahmad.
2 A Frenemy Damha tricks Ahmad into fighting him by betrayel.
3 A Sudden Preparation Ahmad gets the Ahmadatrix.
4 A battle in a war Ahmad battles the Ultimate Two
5 End of Arguments Ahmad defeats the Ultimate Two

Season 4 (Ahmad 15: Fan Adventures)[]

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Season 5 (Around the Universe in 8 episodes)[]

# Episode Name Plot
1 Some Aliens are lost and Ahmad reunlocks Rip Jaws.
2 Pyros Ahmad heads to Pyros and reunlocks Heatblast
3 Osmos V Ahmad heads to Osmos V and reunlocks Absorber
4 Hathor (Ahmad 15) Ahmad heads to Hathor and reunlocks Ditto
5 Petropia (Ahmad 15) Ahmad heads to Petropia and unlocks Diamonhead and Chromastone
6 Lepidottera (Ahmad 15) Ahmad heads to Lepidottera and unlocks Stinkfly
7 Forge of Creation Ahmad reunlocks Alien X and fights Vilgax.
8 Primus (Ahmad 15) Ahmad defeats Vilgax and delivers the DNA to the Codon Stream

Season 6 (Adventure World)[]

# Episode Name Plot
1 Growing Smaller pt. 1 Ahmad turns Smaller.
2 Growing Smaller pt. 2 Ahmad regains his Youth.
3 Collector (episode) Ahmad meets his worst Enemy, His Future Self and defeats him.
4 Korak (Ahmad 15) Korak returns to destroy Ben and mutates Oussama
5 Criminal Record Ultimate Oussama turns evil and gets himself a record by killing Leypod.
6 Stop! Ahmad attempts to stop Oussama but fails.
7 Once and For all Ahmad finally turns Oussama back to normal.
8 Voided

(Ahmad 15)

Ahmad was sent to the Null Void

Season 7 (Ahmad 15 Vs. The Ultimate Enemy)[]

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Ahmad 15 Vs
  1. Ultimate Legend (Coming Soon)
  2. Ultimate Inferno (Coming Soon)
  3. Ultimate Detective (Coming Soon)
  4. Ultimate Failure (Coming Soon)
  5. Ultimate Weapon (Ahmad 15) (Coming Soon)
  6. Ultimate Battle pt. 1 (Coming Soon)
  7. Ultimate Battle pt. 2 (Coming Soon)
  8. Battle For Existence



  1. Ahmad 15: Final Battle
  2. Ahmad 15: Mega Mom (movie)
  3. Ahmad 15: Save Upchuck Norris
  4. Ahmad 15: Wrecked Boat
  5. Ahmad 15 + Fred 40 = Frad 55
  6. Ahmad 15 Vs. The Ultimate Two
  7. Ahmad 15: Busted
  8. Ahmad 15: The Peace Planet
  9. Ahmad 15: Time Menace
  10. Ahmad 15: Rise of Devila
  11. Ahmad 15-Cassie 12: Hunt for the Trixes
  12. Ahmad 15-Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero: Squad of Champions


See also, Ahmad 15 shorts

  1. Meet Me, Me, and Me!
  2. You must be shorter a little...
  3. Need a hand? I've got four!
  4. Bowling!
  5. Phony Problem


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Video Games[]

  1. Ahmad 15: Underwater
  2. Ahmad 15: City Creator

Openings & Endings[]

Visit Ahmad 15/Theme Song!.





  • Normally, Series have 3 or 4 main characters, but Ahmad 15 has only 2: Ahmad and Oussama!
  • Most of the Aliens are borrowed from Ben 10 series, but Aliens (like Storm, and LG) are invented by Ahmad and Aliens (like Teleportal, Upgrade 2.0, and Ultimate Chromastone) are not from Ben 10 series.
  • Season 5 will air before Season 4.
  • Season 7 was planned to be the Last Season. Further discussions forced the Creator to add another season after it. And then he reagreed on that. So it contains the series Finale.