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Ahmad 15: Mega Mom

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Mega Mom

Ahmad 15: Mega Mom is the second movie in Ahmad 15 .


Scene was night at the street. Two thiefs were running. Suddenly somebody pushed them together hitting them.

Thief: The Kid! Listen, Mmm. We can settle things!

The One throw a dish and threw one.

Thief: You are not the kid.

One: I am not the kid, I am his Mother! (reveals to be Mega Mom)

Theme song!

Next Morning, The Thiefs were escaping the prison. Humungousaur landed in front of them.

Humungousaur: What do you think you're doing! (smiles) Yeha! (punches them)

Humungousaur timed out. The thieves tried to kill Ahmad. Mega Mom attacked them and arrested them.

Ahmad: Thanks Madam...

Mega Mom: Mega Mom, Kid. Call Me Mom.

Ahmad left. He saw Oussama.

Oussama: Wierd. She saved you! Oh My god! (laughs) She Saved You! (makes fun of Ahmad)

Ahmad kicked him. He got angry and punched Ahmad. Ahmad slammed the Ultimatrix. With no luck, Ahmad was thrown away.

Oussama: It because of You! You want enemesis! Ok, Go! I don't want to be your friend anymore. Go!

Cut to Scene, Vilgax was in his ship.

Vilgax: First Strike.

A drone attacked Oussama. He punched it destroying it. Six others attacked. Cut to Scene, Ahmad was on top of the hill as Big Chill. He was kneeling on the top of a rock.

Ahmad: Wierd. (gets hit by a drone) Freeze! (freezes it)

12 others attacked. Big Chill switched to LG. He attacked them.

Meanwhile, Vilgax was captured Oussama. A drone took Ahmad and Captured him in a wall. Vilgax started to take off the Ultimatrix. Mega Mom hit him with a dish. She threw him through Space. He went back and kicked her. Ahmad slammed the Ultimatrix becoming Razr Edge.

Razr Edge freed Oussama.

Oussama: Quick! Slice through Vilgax!

Razr Edge Charged himself with electricity and tried to slice through Vilgax. Vilgax moved letting Ahmad slice through the wall making him fall off the Ship. Mega Mom jumped to save Ahmad.

Mega Mom: Ahmad! I'll catch you.

Razr Edge: Help! (reverts to Ahmad) Ah! (Mega Mom caught him before he touched the ground.)

Vilgax came to kill Oussama, But was kicked by a fireball. Storm kicked Vilgax. Mega Mom trapped Vilgax in the Null Void.

Ahmad: (reverts to Ahmad) I'm sorry Pal.

Oussama: Never Mind. (hugs Ahmad)

Ahmad: Hmm. Mom, Where are we?

Camera Zooms out revealing Vilgax's Ship in Space.




  • Thieves
  • Vilgax
  • Vilgax's Drones

Aliens Used[]


  • This contains debuts of Razr Edge, Storm, LG, and Mega Mom.
  • Two aliens (Storm and LG) invented by Ahmad15 appeared.
  • Ahmad and Oussama deadly fight.