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Some Transformation Sequences of my Aliens. All with the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien Fashion. All start with crouching.


  • Ripjaws: Ahmad grows a Lure and Gills grow on his neck.
  • Ghostfreak: Ahmad's Bone disappear.
  • Grey Matter: Ahmad's Hands, Head and Legs Grow Bigger.
  • Stinkfly: Ahmad's Eyes disappear. Stinkfly's Eyes, Wings, and Legs grow.
  • Heatblast: Fire starts on the bones.


  • Storm: Ahmad gains Wings, Other Pairs of Arms and his Eyes Unite with Fire Starting on Him.

    A mini Storm transformation by Skei

  • Cloudster: Ahmad's Head get's Bigger as his rest disappears.
  • Powerbros: Ahmad divides into four. One grows Fire and one gets bigger.
  • LG: Goo comes from Ahmad's Parts covering his body.
  • Absorber: Ahmad gets a little bigger. And thorns grow on his forehead.
  • Mater: Nothing. Ahmad just crouches.
  • Mudluck: Same as LG.
  • Light: Nothing. Ahmad just crouches.
  • Octoman: Ahmad's Head grows Tentacles and some cover his Parts making Ahmad Bigger.
  • High Ahmad: Ahmad gets bigger.
  • OurGlass: Ahmad's Body shapeshifts to Hour Glass Type with Sand getting inside.