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Fred 40: The New Life
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
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Ahmad's Big Failure, Pt. 2

Ahmad's Big Failure is the 3-part pilot of Fred 40: The New Life.


Fred (offscreen): Previously on Fred 40: The New Life.

Dark Ziad: Whaaaat? (punches Ground)

Ahmad: (looks at Ahmadatrix and sees it BLue and Orange) What?

Fred: My Novatrix is compeletly destroyed. (holds Novatrix) It's Dust!

Azmuth: If you inserted an Omnitrix Core... He would transform with no device!

Linus: Yes! (tranforms) Airdactyl! (flies away)

Theme Song!

AirDactyl flew in the Sky. Dark Ziad Threw Jetray.

Air Dactyl: Are you okay?

Jetray: I am fine! Let's Attack! (switches) Heatblast!

Heatblast shot so much fire at Dark Ziad. Dark Ziad Put Oussama in the Way. Oussama absorbed the Diamondhead's Skin.

Meanwhile, Ahmad was left alone in the warehouse. He looked at the Dial. He put it in his Ahmadatrix. The Ahmadatrix glew blue. He dialed.

Ahmad: Ok, It should work. (dials) Once more. (slams Faceplate)

Light got out again. A small wave knocked him down. Meanwhile, Fred and Azmuth were walking.

Dark Ziad: Get away! (throws Four Arms) Come on! That all you got!


Ahmad: Concentrate. (dials) Come on! (dials) Bingo! (slams Faceplate)

The Ahmadatrix grew into a Robot Arm and got bigger. Light got out.

Ahmad: It never recallibrated like that before! (tranforms) Super Man! New Aliens! Luv'em! (flies and smashes Wall)

Meanwhile, Dark Ziad had unconscious Linus, Fred and Omar in front of him.

Dark Ziad: Pathetic! That all you got! I guess I'll kill them. (holds Omar)

Superman: Leave my child! (super Punches Dark Ziad) Wake Up! (blows Air at the team)

They all wake up. Ahmad throws the Atomatrix to Fred. Linus transforms to Boulder, Fred to Overkill, and Omar to Humungousaur.

Ahmad: Team Punch?

Omar: Go for it, Dad.

Dark Ziad's POV: The 4 Fists punched his face.




  • Dark Zoid

Aliens Used[]

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  • Superman

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  • Smashface