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Fred 40: The New Life
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
Episode Guide
Ahmad's Big Failure, Pt. 1
Ahmad's Big Failure, Pt. 3

Ahmad's Big Failure is the 3-part pilot of Fred 40: The New Life.


Fred: Previously on Fred 40: The New Life.

Linus: Dad! You look Awesome!

Fred: I am getting ready for my Birthday Party.

Ahmad: The Atomatrix! Best Omnitrix you can find!

Fred: Are you sure?

Ahmad: Sure I am.

An Explosion took place.

Theme Song!

Rocks in the Ground crack and Fred gets out. Omar and Ahmad solidificated. Linus got up. Suddenly, the Earth shaked and Dark Ziad Got out. Oussama looked shocked.

Dark Ziad: Whaaaat? (punches Ground)

Oussama: Calm down Son.

Dark Ziad: Shut up! (shoots Fames at Oussama)

Dark Ziad took Oussama and flew away.

Ahmad: It's Hero Time? (looks at Ahmadatrix and sees it BLue and Orange) What?

Omar: I've got this! (tranforms) Jetray! (flies after Dark Ziad)

Ahmad: My watch is... I don't know!

Fred: My Novatrix is compeletly destroyed. (holds Novatrix) It's nothing but dust!

Ahmad: Try the Atomatrix!

Azmuth: (teleports in) No!

Ahmad: Oopsy...

Azmuth: What have you done?

Ahmad: Master Control? (smiles)

Azmuth: Oh, No! You set it to self destruct! (takes out dial) What have you done!

Ahmad: Still Sorry...

Azmuth throws the Dial at Linus. The Dial shot Electricity with Linus. Linus sparked Green. Azmuth looked shocked. He threw the Dial at him again. Linus Sparkled again.

Azmuth: He has ate some Feedback! If you inserted an Omnitrix Core... He would transform with no device!

Linus: I can?

Azmuth: Yes, But don't let Ahmad insert it! (inserts Omnitrix Core)

Linus: Yes! (tranforms) Airdactyl! (flies away)

Azmuth: (looks at Ahmad) I mean really!




  • Dark Zoid

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