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Aglaope (pronounced ag-la-o-pee) is a villain in the series Simien 10. He is a plumbers kid whoes mother is a Thelxiepeian, a alien species that looks similar to the mythological creature Siren, and father who is a Sonorosiansss (Echo Echo's species). He likes to eat humans. He appeared in the episodes (by order): "Siren Song" and "League of Simien's Enemies".

Aglaope by Brian


  • Duplicating himself
  • Shooting soundwaves from his mouth
  • Flying
  • Controlling minds using songs


  • If his mouth is clogged he can't use any power except flying and duplicating

Species and Planet

Species: Half Thelxiepeian and half Sonorosiansss

Planet: Sonorosia


He looks like a blue Echo Echo

He has brown eagle wings under his arms which uses to fly