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After the mayhem at the Forge of Creation. Paradox transported Aggregor to Earth. Aggregor awakens somewhere on Earth.

"Where am I, was I in a coma?!" Aggregor looks around and then starts to


walk. He realizes he is in Bellwood. "This is Tennyson's town." Aggregor steals a GMC Topkick and drives to Los Soledad.

Aggregor gets out of the car and looks around. "What happened here? It looks like a war took place here since the last time I was here." Aggregor looks for his spear. "Just where I left it! Now where did I put my droids." Aggregor walks into a warehouse and turns on the light. 1,000's of robot soldiers are standing frozen. "Time to turn you guys on. That sounded very wrong." Aggregor presses a button and all the robot soldiers come alive.

"Now I will have my revenge on Ben Tennyson!" Aggregor gets in the GMC Topkick and starts to drives to Ben's house with his soldiers following him. Ben is eating chili fries and drinking a smoothie when all of the sudden Aggregor's soldiers blast the side of Ben's house.

"Upgrade!" Upgrade takes over one of Aggregor's soldiers and starts to fire an upgraded lazer rifle at the drones. Aggregor fires his spear at Upgrade. Upgrade dodges and fires a plasma beam

180px-NRG Melting

at Aggregor. Aggregor blocks it with his spear. Upgrade transforms "Ho

185px-Aggregor Soldiers

wl! Look into my eyes!" Howl shouts. Aggregor falls asleep. Now to deal with the soldiers Howl transforms "NRG!" NRG makes the ground turn to lava and Aggregor's soldiers start to melt.

NRG transforms "Water Hazard!" Water Hazard turns the lava into stone. Water Hazard transforms "Wildvine!" Wildvine creates grass back where it was destroyed due to NRG's lava. Wildvine goes inside to get the Null Void projector. Wildvine fires the projector and sends sleeping Aggregor to the Null Void.

Wildvine transforms back into Ben. Later in the Null Void. Aggregor awakens. "It happened again!" Aggregor shouts. The End



  • Aggregor
  • Aggregor's Soldier's

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