Aggregor's Son is the third episode of the show created by Ultimate avatar (Talk - Blog - Contribs), Ben 10: Alien Access. It's about Selone, Aggregor's son getting revenge on Ben and Co. for what they did to his father.

Kevin-He's on a Mutated Eagle

Ben-Man, when is he gonna stop

Gwen-It's Animo he'll never stop

Ben-Ultatrix, All-Power Gurdian

Animo-I will destroy you Ben Tennyson!

Gurdian-Spike Shooter


Gwen-Nor Tega

Animo-I can't move

Gwen-It's a paralization spell

Gurdian-Kevin, finish him off

Kevin-Fire absorbtion

Fire Kevin shot a fireball at Animo, knocking him out

Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

Selone-Good show

Ben-Who are you?

Selone-I will start with my name, I am Selone, I have absorbed Eon, along with four other species, I can revert into my normal form and my mutated form and to fight you I will go into my Ultimate Form and it looks nothing like my father's mutation. I will destroy you all!

Kevin-Who's your father?





Gwen-Where did you go

Selone-Behind you


Kevinn-Gwen!, Fire absorbtion!

Kevin shot a total of 20 fireballs

Selone-Didn't feel a thing

Kevin-Huh, ahhhh

Selone-Just you, Benjy, but i'm gonna save you. It'll be more fun that way, and Gwen and Kevin aren't dead bye bye


The End

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