General Information
Species: Pluviae
Home World: Pluvia
Body: Unconventional Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Rain Manipulation
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Aggraindizer is an alien free for anyone to use.


Aggraindizer has the ability to summon rain and manipulate the flow of the particles comprising the rain at any time. I say "particles" instead of "water droplets" because his ability to summon "rain" is not material-specific; he can summon anything there is an abundance of in his current area and dump it from the sky. From raining regular old water to raining trucks sourced from a nearby car dealer, the possibilities are horrifyingly endless.


Aggraindizer is not immune to his own rain, so he still needs to be particularly careful when summoning dangerous objects.


If you use Aggraindizer in your series, please note his appearance(s) here.


  • Aggraindizer's name is a portmanteau of the words "aggrandizer" and "rain".
  • The species name "Pluviae" is taken from the Latin word "pluviæ", meaning "rainy".
  • The planet name "Pluvia" is a Latin word meaning "rainy".


  • Aggraindizer's art was originally created for an alien contest hosted under the webcomic 5 Years Later. He did not win (although including Zim in his series makes me question Kuro's taste to begin with).

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