Agent #1984

Forever Suit (universe 775775)

Agent 1984

General Information
Species Human
Unitrix Species Ectonurite
Home World Earth
Affiliations Forever Organisation
Occupations Forever Suit
Abilities and Equipment
Unitrix Type Standard
Equipment Unitrix
Healing Patches
Friends Agent #1835 (work partner)
First Appearance Centaur of Attention
Forever Suit Agent #1984 is a villain in Age of the Unitrix. He first appeared in Centaur of Attention. He is a human from the planet Earth and his unitrix species is an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos. He is a Forever Suit for the Forever Organisation.


Due to his suit and armour, Agent #1984's true appearance is unknown.

Even his Ectonurite form's face is covered by a metal helmet, and possesses metal shoulderpads.


Like all Forever Suits, Agent 1984 is trained to put forwards a friendly demeanor. As a result, he comes across as mysterious. He takes his job very seriously.

Powers and Abilities


As a Forever Suit, Agent 1984 has a large amount of influence. This is thanks to the authority that the Forever Suits hold.


As an Ectonurite, Agent 1984 gains all the powers and weaknesses of that species. However in his appearances he has so far only really demonstrated his ability to fly.



In combat with Ann in Centaur of Attention, Agent 1984 demonstrates a relative lack of knowledge of how Ectonurite powers actually work. The reason for this is currently unknown. He was overpowered by Ann's use of Deadspace.

Although not explained in the episode, he was unable to phase through Deadspace because they are both Ectonurites. In other words, an intangible being cannot phase through another intangible being.


Agent 1984 first appeared alongside Agent 1835 in Centaur of Attention. They were assigned to return the Super Unitrix to the Forever Organisation, though they decided to also offer Ann a job whilst they were there. To prove their good intentions, 1984 applies a healing patch to Kenny's forehead to revive him. She refuses both offers, and confronts them. Agent 1984 clears the nearby crowd by discharging his firearm into the air. He is defeated by Ann as Deadspace mind-controlling Agent 1835's Carapacian form.


Age of the Unitrix


  • The numeric designation '1984' is a reference to the release date of the original Ghostbusters movie.
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