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Taskforce 10
General Information
Leader Bryce Bowman
Creator Max Tennyson and the Agency
Other Info
Notable Members Bryce Bowman
Gwen Tennyson
Kevin Levin
Objectives Protect the Earth from the threats of aliens and defend the Human Race
Status Active
First Appearance Change of Plans*

Agency Taskforce 10 is the small squad of Agents, lead by Bryce Bowman in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


After the events of The Intergalactic Strike Force, Bryce Bowman was made an official Agent of the Agency. He didn't assert his authority as an Agent until mid-Season Two.

In Time Trouble, Gwen Tennyson joined Bryce on a mission and they worked well together. Noticing this, the Agency Council of Magisters decided to put them together again in Last Laugh (BBO) to test and see if they were really team-mate material for each other. Offscreen, Gwen was officially made a member of Bryce's Taskforce.

Kevin Levin had been an enemy of Bryce's all through Seasons One and Two. But at the beginning of Season Three, Change of Plans, he was converted to the good side, by releasing all the energy he had absorbed over the years, and was allowed to join Bryce and Gwen on a mission. He succeeded in passing the test and was granted full membership of the Agency, becoming a part of Bryce's team officially making it a Taskforce.


Bryce Bowman

Current General of the Taskforce, making him the leader.

Gwen Tennyson

Gwen is the First Lieutenant under Bryce Bowman.

Kevin Levin

Kevin is currently only a Private, First Class, due to being recently added to the Taskforce.

Temporary Members


  • The Taskforce started as just Bryce but in the following seasons (Two and Three) Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin were added to it, making it an official Agency Taskforce.
  • Agency Taskforces are required to have at minimum three members, including a General and First Lieutenant, to officially be called a Taskforce.