These are all the episodes in Age of the Unitrix. It takes place in the universe Earth-775775.

Season 1

Episode Title Episode number Written By Air Date
The Unitrix Earth 1 Aaronbill3 04/09/2016
As Ann Declanson turns 16, she receives her very own unitrix. But she soon learns that this one is different...
The Paradox Problem 2 Aaronbill3 06/29/2016
Kenny finally tracks Ann down to the Los Soledad military base, only to find that she isn't the only one there...
Centaur of Attention 3 Aaronbill3 07/27/2016
Ann and Kenny return to Bellwood, but not everyone is pleased to see them again.
TBA 4 Aaronbill3 TBA
The Best Form of Flattery... 5 Aaronbill3 TBA
Ann and Kenny hit the road once more, leaving Bellwood behind. But they soon learn they are being followed.
TBA 6 Aaronbill3 TBA

Season 1 Special Episodes

Episode title Written By Air Date
The Unitrix Earth - Deleted scene Aaronbill3 05/20/2016
Thinking her unitrix alien has permanently changed to a tetramand, Ann prepares for a game of dodge ball...
CaT Reviews: The Unitrix Earth! CaT 06/08/2016
The season finale of CaT Reviews! season 1.
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