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Omniverse Award Winner!

Age of the Unitrix won Most Creative Fanon Series (in a tie) at 2016's Omniverse Awards!

Age of the Unitrix
Age of the Unitrix Draft poster MK 3
Creator Aaronbill3
Co-Writers TBA
Art Designer(s) and Others Aaronbill3

CaT (Kenny artwork and Templates)
Rob (Hardback design and Logo)

Seasons 4
Episodes TBA
Created on 09/04/2016 (UK dating)

04/09/2016 (US dating)

Rating TV-14

Age of the Unitrix is a series by Aaronbill3 that follows the character Ann Declanson. It is supposed to have 4 seasons, and it was created on 04/09/2016 along with the release of the pilot episode.

Age of the Unitrix was also July 2016's featured series!


In a world where the mysterious Forever Organisation has managed to create and mass produce a device known as the Unitrix, everyone on Earth can now transform into a single alien.

This series follows Ann Declanson as she receives her own unitrix for the first time, but soon realises that it is so much more than she could have ever imagined. However such power does not come freely, and could attract the attention of powerful enemies...


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  • Age of the Unitrix takes major inspiration from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The production title for this series was 'The Unitrix Earth'. When it was given a proper title, the name passed onto the pilot episode.
    • The title 'Age of the Unitrix' was not decided until a few hours before The Unitrix Earth was uploaded to BTFF, though 'The Unitrix Earth' was always intended to only be a temporary title for the series as a whole whilst it was in development.
  • In the original draft for Age of the Unitrix, people received their unitrixes at the age of 10, not 16. This was changed because Ann was accidentally drawn as being much older, and I couldn't be bothered to draw her again but younger. The main characters being 16 makes more sense for the story anyway.
  • Age of the Unitrix also recycles elements from Aaronbill3's first fanfiction concept (before even Death of Ben 10), Ben 20 (unrelated to Stick's own series). This series was going to be a reboot that retconned all post-OS events of Ben 10, but was canned due to its lack of originality.
  • As of August 9th 2016, the Age of the Unitrix poster is on the 'A New Age' badge for 25 edits on series articles.


Age of the Unitrix

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