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General Episodes Cast

Age of the Timewalkers is the spinoff story of No Watch Ben and No Watch Courtney, and their adventures in the space-time continuum. It is a series created by Jetrashipper.

Age of the Timewalkers
[[Age of the Timewalkers Logo.png|256px]]
(art by me!)
Creators Jetrashipper
Artists Dreamer2Dusk


Music Composers SpookyLaundry
Writers Jetrashipper


Starring TBA as Ben Tennyson

TBA as Courtney Lawrence

TBA as Professor Paradox

TBA as Eon

TBA as Maltruant

Seasons 5
Episodes TBA
Created on February 29th, 2020
Rating TV-14


After majestically failing the entrance exam to the Plumbers Academy, No Watch Ben and his best friend, Courtney, fear that there really is no future for them as heroes after all. However, when a strange quartz crystal in Courtney's garage transports them to a world in between the space-time continuum, they realize that they are more needed than they bargained for.




NW Ben and Courtney in Episode 3, dressed in their Timewalker combat outfits. (art by me!)



Soccer Team:

  • Damien Morin
  • J.T.
  • Cash Murray
  • Clementine Winters
  • Afton Alabaster
  • Andy Guest
  • Mandy Guest
  • Santiago North
  • Jamie Hale

Cover of the Quotev, Wattpad, and AO3 version of the series. (art my me!)

Acapella Group

  • Jalen
  • Nick
  • Gabe
  • Kyle

Dance Team

  • Arnold Vizthor
  • Stephanie
  • Candace
  • Gilbert

Tennyson Family:

  • Carl Tennyson
  • Sandra Tennyson
  • Julius (Ben's Dog)

Lawrence Family:

  • Abraham Lawrence
  • Genevieve Lawrence
  • Carly Lawrence

Carly's Friend Group:

  • Jimmy Jones
  • Arnold Horvitz
  • Nicole Smith

High School Staff:

  • Mrs. Hale
  • Mr. Ishikuro
  • Principal Black



  • Eon
  • Maltruant
  • The Forever Knights
  • The Esoterica
  • Tempest


  • Evil Bens
    • Bad Ben
    • Mad Ben
    • Nega Ben
    • Albedo
    • Benzarro
  • Various Time Beasts
    • Rubrum aries
    • Alces canadensis
    • Sus scrofarazorous
    • Ursidae meles
    • More coming soon!



Openings and Endings


AOTT: The Musical

  • Act 1
    • Restart on Our Life
    • Take it From Me
    • Maggot or Man?
    • March, Soldier, March
    • Take it From Me, Reprise
    • Restart on Our Life, Reprise
  • Act 2
    • Strange New World
    • Go for the Ride
    • Being a Timewalker's No Breeze
    • Who's In Control? Not You
    • Being a Timewalker's No Breeze, Reprise


  • Inspired by several other No Watch fans, Shipper created a story outside of the Plumber path he was last left on canonically, wondering what kind of future he could build as a Timewalker like Paradox.
  • Early fans during development constantly compare the series to anime, as the designs, storylines, and scripts are very similar to that of anime.