Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date 6/7/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Bat
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Mutant City
Aftershock is the twenty-fifth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the sky, drifting with tension, it is light but becoming darker ever so slightly. A wash of orange-red is starting to blend in with the faint blue that the sky is showing. Clouds remain close together in large groups, helping block out the low sun, with smaller ones passing by slowly. The MCA Helicarrier continues its drift through the sky at a steady pace. The atmosphere is calm yet stirring as if activity is picking up again.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
January 10, 18:14 EDT

On board, the tone of the scene quickly shifts from a calming atmosphere to a somewhat chaotic environment within the medical bay. MCA medical staff are seen swarming inside of the room, tending to Owens, who seems to be shaking about on his bed.

MCA Doctor: Hold him down!

MCA Nurse: Easy with him!

Owens: AH! ...ARGH!

MCA Doctor: What's wrong with him?

Other MCA Doctor, examining him: Pulse rapid, sweating excessively- He could be going into shock.

MCA Nurse, to Owens: It's going to fine, Agent. You're in good hands.

Owens: ARRGHH!

Owens tries raising his arm but an MCA Officer can be seen holding it down. John is seen looking at the situation from his bed, which has been moved to the other side of the room. He turns his head and sees other medics moving to the other beds and tending to the other patients as similar shouts are heard.

John, calling out: Hey, what's going on? Someone talk to me!

One of the nurses, moving towards Owens bed stops and looks over at John. He moves over to the front of his bed. She has black hair wrapped up in a pony tail and brown eyes. She looks concerned and somewhat timid.

Other MCA Nurse: The patients have woken up.

John: All of them?

Other MCA Nurse: Yeah, we're running out of medics to help them. We had to use some of the nearby officers to hold them down.

John: What's their condition? I'm a nurse, I can help.

MCA Doctor: Where's Ruby? (looks over at the nurse by John's bed) Ruby, we need hands! Get over here!

Ruby/Other MCA Nurse: C-Coming! (to John) Sorry, they need me.

Ruby joins with the other medics and tends to Owens who continues shouting. The view then turns to show the window where, both, Drake and Kate are seen looking through. Outside of the room, Drake turns to the Officer by the door.

Drake: He's in pain, I have to go in there.

MCA Officer: Medics and patients only. We don't need anyone mucking around in there.

Kate puts her hands on his shoulder.

Kate: It's alright, Drake. They know what they're doing.

Drake then calms down and turns back to the window where they see the medics continuing to aid Owens. Inside, his shouts continue.

MCA Doctor, taking a syringe from a nurse: Alright, this should calm him down long enough to properly treat him.

The Doctor takes the syringe and ejects it into Owens' arm, which two Officers are holding down. Once the serum within is fully ejected, Owens starts to calm down after a short while. His breaths become heavy yet faint as if he was tiring out. John continues watching from across the room, in his bed.

John: (exhales) What did they do you, Owens?

The scene returns to Owens' bed, showing him laying there, presumingly unconscious again.

Title Sequence

The scene continues outside of the medical bay, with the room now calm and clear of the many medics and officers from earlier. All of the patients seem to remain in their beds, either sleeping or unconscious still.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
January 12, 8:45 EDT

In the corridor, Drake and the Director are seen waiting outside. One of the doctors from earlier emerges from the room and approaches the Director.

Director: How is he?

MCA Doctor: Stable, finally. I'm not really sure what happened before. It's common for someone to feel panic when finding themselves in a place they don't recognize after waking up from whether it'd be a coma or simply extended unconsciousness but- all the patients had the same exact reaction, not so much panic but just excessive activity that even their minds could not handle it.

Director: All the patients? How is that possible?

MCA Doctor: I say all- What I really was most.

Director: Who didn't suffer from those effects?

MCA Doctor: Just one person. The child.

The Director looks at him as if understanding something then nods.

MCA Doctor: Aside from that incident, everything seems to be fine. You can see them if you'd like but I'd wait until they're back in the field or even on their feet, for that matter.

Director: Alright, thank you, Dr. Holden.

Dr. Holden nods and walks off down the corridor, taking his leave. The Director then sighs and turns to the window, looking at Owens, resting in his bed. Drake backs off from the wall and walks over to her.

Drake: What's wrong?

Director: After all this time... I'm not sure if I should see him.

Drake: Why not?

Director: I sent him on that mission. What happened to him- that's my responsibility, Drake.

Drake: You didn't order his abduction. They did. From what you tell me, you and him were close- I don't know if you're friends or not but he needs someone with him and if he's like a friend to me then maybe he's more than a friend for you.

She looks off, as if thinking about it for a moment, before turning back to Drake.

Director: Why don't you go first?

Drake: If that were you, would you want to see me first?

Director: Good point...

Drake: Before you go in- there's something I gotta know. Who is he?

Director: Owens?

Drake: The survivor we found.

Director: Subject SVC22, you mean. We don't know. We took samples, ran them through the database. Nothing came up. Not even facial recognition. It's not uncommon, just rare.

Drake: How is that better?

Director: It's not. We have no idea who or what he is and I don't like not knowing things...

Drake: How come he's still unconscious while everyone else is awake?

Director: Again, we don't know. We don't know anything about him. Seeing how long it took for Owens and the others to awake after you rescued them, it could just be a delay. And since we don't know how long he was there for, we also don't know how long the delay is...

Drake turns from the Director and looks through the window, looking right at Subject SCV22. The scene then cuts to a moment later, inside the medical bay, focusing on Owens in his bed. The Director is then seen approaching from the door. He remains still in his bed, as if resting. The Director sits by him and places her hand on his chest. Owens' eyes then twitch slightly as they start to open slowly. He then turns to her and sees her, sitting by him.

Owens: May...

Director: Yeah, it's me, Owens.

Owens: (sigh) What happened to me?

Director: We're not exactly sure... you were taken by a group of Mutants-

Owens: Yeah... I- I think I remember.

He groans softly as he touches the side of his head.

Director: Hey, take it easy, will ya? The doctors said you should rest it out, wait 'till you're feeling better.

Owens: No, it's not that. It's just- I'm finding it hard to remember... anything, really.

Director: Maybe you just need to rest, like the doctor said.

Owens: I don't know, May. What if I don't remember anything, at all?

Director: You remember me.

Owens: I guess I do... (soft chuckle)

The Director smiles softly.

Director: We'll get through this. Together.

The scene then cuts to the outside of the room where Drake is leaning against the wall. The door is then heard opening, causing Drake to look up. He sees the Director leaving the room, her head down. She then raises her head to look over at Drake. She then gives him a look before walking off down the corridor. Drake looks after him as she leaves then turns to the window, seeing Owens still on his bed. The scene cuts again to the inside of the room where Drake is seen now entering the room and approaching Owens.

Owens: Drake. It's good to see you.

Drake: ...You too.

Owens: I heard you were looking for me.

Drake: I never stopped.

Owens: Even when you should have?

Drake: You helped me out before, even when I didn't want you to. I wasn't going to give up on you.

Owens: Well, thanks... for that. (groans softly)

Drake, looking a little concerned as he steps forwards: Are you okay?

Owens: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just need to rest like the doctor said.

Drake: For how long?

Owens chuckles softly to himself.

Owens: Trust me, I don't want to be in this place any longer than I have to. Just give me some time...

Drake: (nods) Okay. I'll check on you...

Owens: Thank you, Drake.

Drake then turns and looks over at John, who remains asleep, before leaving the room. Owens looks at Drake as he leaves the medical bay then his eyes shift over to the other patients. The scene cuts to the outside of the corridor where Drake continues walking off. He then looks up and sees Kate looking out of one the windows in the corridor.

Drake: Kate?

Kate turns from the window and looks over at Drake, slightly surprised.

Kate: Drake. Hey.

Drake: Hey... What are you doing up so early?

Kate: Couldn't sleep. (soft chuckle)

After a short moment, she looks down and looks more saddened. Drake continues looking at her but, upon noticing, goes to her and puts his hands at the side of the arms.

Drake: What's wrong?

Kate: I uh- actually got a call this morning... from Adam.

Drake: Okay?

Kate: You do realize why I'm out here, right?

Drake looks as if he's about to say something but his eyes shift around and he takes it back. Kate responds with a sigh. She looks down again but looking back up at Drake.

Kate: The whole Regional Displacement Report. I'm supposed to report outside the city, that's how I got here.

Drake: Okay, what about it?

Kate: ...It's about time to come back to New York. He just called to let me know so I can get ready before the chief calls.

Drake: Oh.

Kate: Yeah...

Drake: What about the mission?

Kate: (scoff) What about it? We found Owens. I got some interesting stories out here. I think the mission's done, Drake.

Drake: No... It can't be. Not with the Xyrions still out there.

Kate: Well, I'm not really sure if I can help with that anymore, Drake.

Drake: What about... the other thing?

Kate: If you mean helping you, I thought I made it clear I would always be there for you. But it's not like we weren't apart before. I was fine before we were all in a van together. I'll be fine now. One of these guys will drop me off, my dad will be there- it'll be fine.

Drake: Okay... if that's what needs to happen. You want me to tell John?

Kate: No... I- I want to tell him myself. I'm just waiting for the right time.

Drake: When do you have to go?

Kate: About a month. Maybe more. Really just depends on when the chief calls us in. At least, that's how Adam put it. But I still got some time here. Better make it worth it, right?

Drake: Yeah...

The scene cuts to the outside of the Helicarrier, showing it drift through the skies.

MCA Helicarrier: Medical Bay
January 23, 14:07 EDT

Back on board, outside of the medical bay, Ruby is seen helping John walk out of the room. Both Drake and Kate are standing outside, watching him leave.

Ruby: Alright, you're all good to go, Mr. Reed.

John: Thank you, Ruby.

Ruby: Let me know if you have any more pains.

John: I think I'll be fine. I'm a nurse too, you know?

Ruby: Right. Right.

Ruby returns to the medical bay with John standing there, looking semi-annoyed. Kate then goes to him and gives him a hug before John has time to react.

Kate: It's so good to see you walking around again!

John: Thanks! Just not too tight, still a bit sore. (groans softly)

Kate, disengaging from the hug: Sorry, sorry.

Drake: What Kate said. It's good to have you back, John.

John: Thanks, Drake. Seriously, you have no idea how glad I am to get released from that prison.

Drake: That's the medical bay.

John: Analogy, Drake.

Kate: So, what are we going to do first now that we got our John back?

John: I could totally go for a mission right now.

Drake: The Director said you're not going on any missions... for at least a week.

John: Yeah but... isn't it about time to turn your back on the rules and we break out of here? Do something crazy?

Drake: Actually, I sort of agreed to listen to her more. (performs a small shrug)

John: Great...

John then stops and looks at something behind Drake, as if with an interest. Drake, noticing, turns and sees Owens talking to an MCA Officer.

John: You ever notice how different Owens is?

Kate: I don't know, I never really talked to him. I guess he's looser now.

John: Yeah, it's... un-nerving.

Drake: He's just- he's just trying to get back into things. He's been gone for months (turns back to John) and we don't even know what they did to him.

John: The more reason to be more cautious around him. Maybe they turned him into a cyborg or something.

Drake: What?

Kate: Just another crazy thing from his movies.

John: I'm a scientist so trust me when I say cyborgs are scientifically possible.

Kate: Next, he'll say he's a brain-eating insect or something.

John, staring into space: I've seen brain-eating insects...

Kate: I think the point is, Owens isn't the same guy you knew him as and you just might want to be careful when being around him, is all.

Drake: What do you mean, not the same?

Kate: Well tramatic events change people, Drake. I know from experience... most of the time, it's not a good change.

Kate's eyes shift to the right and her face stiffens. Drake turns around again and sees Owens looking over at them. Drake then turns back to his friends, the view focused more on Owens now.

Kate: We should uh- go.

John: Yeah... I can show you guys that um- that trilogy we haven't saw before.

Kate: Isn't that the one with the one with the telepathic space monks?

John: No, we already saw that one. I'm talking about The Band of Comrades-

They all then start walking away but as Kate and John continue talking, Drake turns and looks at Owens who still looks over at them, before turning his head again and continuing down the corridor with the others. Owens is then left alone as the MCA Officers he was talking to earlier walk away. The scene cuts once more to an office where the Director is seen seated behind the desk there.

MCA Helicarrier: The Director's Office
January 23, 16:34 EDT

Director: I understand that, sir, but it's been weeks now. We believe there is a Mutant threat in official areas.

Man, over speaker: Including the Nexus facility?

Director: I didn't order that attack.

Man, over speaker: So you admit it's an attack then!

Director: Sir, I'm simply re-stating what you told me. But either way, we're not making any progress.

Man, over speaker: Then maybe it's time to return to what you're supposed to be doing, Director. Instead of following leads that aren't there.

Director: There is a facility in Oregon, sir. We simply went to investigate when they had taken two of our people. My agent on the site felt it was apporiate to strike. Now we retreated and they remain there. I'm only asking for any charges on the other facility to be dropped so we can continue work around the unauthorized areas.

Man, over speaker: If these so-called super Mutants are taking hold of a facility in Oregon and they have the power to make your best men retreat, I suggest using the Wipe Protocol.

Director: Sir, that protocol is for districts only. This facility has no barrier, the excess radiation can spread.

Man, over speaker: We'll find a way around it. If these Mutants keep finding their way into districts, facilities and what not then we can not let them escape once again. I'll send men to keep watch from a distance. We'll even use drones. Whatever we can expense. But the charges are still on your unit. We'll discuss dropping them and the protocol actions at a later time.

Director: Yes, sir.

The transmission then ends and the Director slouches in her chair and sighs. A short moment later, a knock at the door is heard.

Owens, behind the door: It's me.

Director, leaning up: Uh- Yeah, come in.

Owens opens the door and enters the office.

Director: How is everything?

Owens: Not- as great as I imagined.

Director: What do you mean?

Owens: The kids, they suspect I'm not who I seem to be.

Director: Well, they're just kids- they don't know better.

Owens: Or maybe I don't know better. They're right, May. I'm not myself. Every time I close my eyes, I just see flashes of what they did to me.

Director: What did they do to you?

Owens: I don't know. It's never clear, it's just- happens. If it's alright with you, I would like to request a leave of absence. 

Director: You want to leave? We just got you back. The doctors say you're going to be fine.

Owens: Physically, yes. But I'm not thinking straight and I need time to recover. I don't want be on a mission and become a liability.

Director: You won't, okay? You helped me before and I won't ever give up on you.

Owens: Then let me go. It's the best thing for me, for us- all of us.

The Director looks down at her desk then she looks up at him without moving her head.

Director: How many days?

Owens: I don't know.

Director, looking right at him: Don't give me that. How many days?

Owens: I. Don't. Know.

Director: ...Just like that?

Owens: I don't know what to tell you, May. I don't know how long I need. Could be days, could be weeks. When I'm ready, I'll come back.

Director: And if you're not ready?

Owens: ...It's probably best to consider finding another Agent- to take my place.

Director: Not an option.

Owens: I never asked for anything before, May. Just, please- do this.

Director: (sighs) Fine. You'll get your leave. I'll let everyone know at the next briefing.

Owens: That won't be necessary. They'll suspect something-

Director: They'll suspect something either way.

Owens: Yeah... I don't know. I can't do this right now, I just- need some time.

The Director looks at him, a sense of worry on her face which she is attempting to cover. The scene fades into later on, with Owens, carrying a bag and his sword across his back as he stands before the hangar room. He turns and sees Drake and John passing by, not noticing him.

John, walking by: So I think we should train- check out those new forms of yours.

Drake, walking by: I just want to focus on stopping the Xyrions.

John, walking by: Look we're heading out to a mission now, right? We'll just do it after that. Y'know as a way to prepare for them.

Drake, walking by: I guess...

Owens turns back and enters the hangar. The scene cuts forwards to the Director entering the hangar with Agent DeLisle.

Agent DeLisle: They'll have their men ready by the end of the month.

Director: Alright. Let them know we're in position for any assistance, should they need it.

Agent DeLisle: Yes, ma'am.

DeLisle takes off and the Director looks forwards, seeing a Jumpjet preparing to take off. In the cockpit window, Owens is still piloting. He turns his head and sees the Director standing by the door, looking over at him. He then nods at her and returns his attention to the controls. The Jumpjet then lifts from its platform and backs into the opening before flying off, away from the Helicarrier. The Director remains where she is for a moment before turning back and heading inside. The scene cuts once more to pale-looking forest, with thin trees, white/grey leaves and red spores growing on its bark. The Jumpjet is seen resting in a clearing close to a small cliff side where Owens is seen sitting on the ledge.

Muir Woods
March 15, 14:34 EDT

Owens looks down form the cliff side. He sees a city district in the distance. Owens continues sitting there, staring out into the rest of the woods, which appear more like redwood trees, and at the city in the distance. A image then flashes before him, causing him to hold his head.

Owens: No...

Another flash of the same image.

Owens: No.

The image flashes once more.

Owens: NO!

Owens looks around, there is no there but the regular scenery. Owens breaths heavily before calming down again. A moment of silence goes by before he holds his head again with the image returning afterwards, however now for a longer time than a simple flash. The image is of an island along the sea. The tides are calm and the air seems still with the pink-ish/blue sky and the thin clouds overhead.

30 Years Ago

On the island, there is a village with wooden huts, pathways moving throughout the place and various people dressed in robe-like outfits. Racing down one of the pathways in the village is a child in a pale green outfit and sandals. He has brown hair and brown eyes. The child continues running through the village until he stops and hides behind a barrel. He is now at the far end of the island, where there are docks and small wooden boats. The child peeks on the other side of the barrel, checking for something or perhaps someone. But the coast is clear of any suspicious objects or people. The child turns back and sighs with relief. A short moment later, another child jumps up from the other side of the barrel, surprising the initial boy. The second child is dressed in a dark blue outfit with a faint design pattern on it. His hair is black and longer than the other ones while his eyes are brown as well.

Second Child: Got you again!

Child: How do you always find me?

Second Child: I know all the hiding spots... and I'm better at this than you.

Child: No way. What about the other time when I won?

Second Child: That doesn't count. You cheated.

Child: I still won, didn't I? (smirks)

The two of them then laugh for a moment before a shadow overcomes them. They then stop laughing and look at the figure that the shadow belongs to. He appears to be a young man dressed in a blue outfit. His hair is black, neatly kept, and his eyes are hazel.

Man: What did I tell you boys about running off?

Both Children: Yes, Otousan.

Man: Akio, you should know better than to take him all over the island.

Akio/Second Child: Yes, Otousan.

Man: Get back to the house. We will talk about this later.

Both kids nod and head off. "Otousan" puts his hand out and grabs the first child's shoulder, stopping him. Akio stops as well and turns back to face the two of them.

Man: You go, Akio, I need a word with your brother.

Akio is hesitant for a moment but nods and turns back, continuing to head back to the rest of the village. The first child remains with "Otousan" who kneels down and looks at him.

Man: Is everything alright? You seem... disconnected from the village.

Child: I'm fine... just-

Man: Yes?

Child: It's nothing. I'm fine.

Man: You can tell me.

Child: I don't know. I just- I don't feel like I belong here. Everyone looks and stares and turns away but I noticed already.

Man: Look, it's difficult for people to adjust to your... presence is all. You're a special child, born elsewhere but raised here. Do you know the name of this island?

Child: Of course, it is Ukeire.

Man: And do you know what Ukeire means?

The child thinks for a moment but then shakes his head afterwards.

Man: It means acceptance. You will always be accepted here and, in time, perhaps you will be one of the greatest men on this island.

Child: You really think so?

Man: Yes. I do. Now, head on back, Gabriel. Supper is getting cold.

Gabriel nods his head and smiles as he runs off back into the village. The man shakes his head and chuckles to himself.

Man: Kodomo...

He then turns his head and sees the sun setting in the distance. The scene then cuts to Owens on the ground. He attempts to push himself off of it but fails to. He only manages to hold his hand to his head and groan softly.

Owens: My head... I- I- uh...

A small device then lands close to Owens. He turns his head and sees the device. A red lens at the end of the device flashes red brightly followed by several "Beep!" noises. Before Owens can really react, the device activates, triggering a small explosion. The force of the explosion throws Owens off of the cliff side. He practically rolls down the side, hitting a few rocks on the way down until his body lays at the bottom by some more redwood trees. Owens then looks up and holds his side. He shakes his head, a ringing in his ears. Owens uses the tree he landed next to to push himself up onto his feet and looks around. There is no one else there. Owens then attempts to run, limping slightly and still holding his side. A boot is seen stepping down on some branches creating a cracking noise as the figure runs forwards. Owens takes cover behind one of the redwood trees, breathing heavily. He peeks around the side, not seeing anyone there. He then turns back, his breathing still heavy. After a moment, silence. Owens continues holding his position but there are no signs indicating any movement. Then there is a faint whizzing noise before Owens' reflexes kick in and grab a dart in mid-air before it hits him. Owens then looks at the dart before looking around the forest.

Voice: Well done. I didn't think you still had it in you.

Owens: Who's out there? Show yourself!

Voice: All in due time, Gabriel.

Owens: How do you know who I am? How did you find me?

Voice: I work with a group of individuals. They are resourceful, they are many and they helped me locate you.

Owens: They also tell you my name?

Voice: No. That was from personal experience.

A shuriken then is thrown from the distance and lands into the tree that Owens is standing besides. Owens turns to look at the shuriken then looks out at the forest where he sees glints in the distance. Owens then ducks as two more shurikens are thrown. He then runs forwards, passing by the various redwood trees. More shurikens are thrown at Owens' general direction. Owens dodges them and uses some of the trees he's passing by as cover. He then turns his head and makes out a dark figure in the close distance, who runs off towards the right. Owens turns and runs right for him. The figure then runs up a redwood tree, kicks off from it and back flip kicks Owens in the head. Owens drops to the ground and looks up, seeing a man dressed in black armor with a mask concealing his identity.

Man: Like I told you before, you'll never beat me.

Owens attempts to sweep kick him but the dark figure jumps over it. While in mid-air, the figure attempts to kick Owens in the head but Owens grabs his leg and strikes it at the side. As the figure drops, he uses his other leg to kick Owens off of him. Both of them drop to the ground. They then get up, looking at each other straight in the eyes as they do so.

Owens: Who are you?

Man: You still don't know?

Owens: My memory isn't what it used to be.

Man: Then allow me to remind you. We spent a lot of together on Ukiere, trained together. Until you betrayed me!

Owens: Akio? I don't understand.

The man removes his mask. Owens then looks out at him, surprised.

Owens: It's you...

Man: You thought I was Akio? (chuckles) No, Owens... It was me, Ikuo.

The man is shown to be the man from the flashbacks, "Otousan" but with a scar across his face.

Owens: ...Why?

Ikuo: Do you really not remember? Has the past shamed you so?

Owens: I don't- uh...

Owens groans and holds the side of his head. Flashes then appear before him once again.

Owens, completely holding his head: Argh!

The scene then transitions into another flashback on the island. The sky is darker, set sometime in the evening.

10 Years Ago

On the island, Owens emerges from a wooden hut, older than his child self but younger than what he looks like in the present. Villagers are seen passing by, afraid. An older version of Akio is passes by as well, armed with a blade, helping villagers pass through safely.

Akio, to the villagers: Iku! Sagu ni imasugu! 

Owens (Flashback): Akio, what's going on?

Akio, turning to Owens: The Kobura Clan is here.

Owens (Flashback): What?! Without warning? What happened to the guards?

Akio: They killed them. Everyone on the watch.

Owens (Flashback): Ikuo is head of the watch. I need to make sure he is alright.

Akio: Don't! The Kobura Clan is powerful... too powerful for the likes of one man. We should focus on helping these people. When they are safe, we will face them together.

A faint explosion is heard in the distance followed by yelling and screaming from villagers close by and others far off, as if there is a fight occurring elsewhere. Owens turns his head away but then snaps back to look in the direction of the far-off havoc.

Owens (Flashback): No! I can't sit by while they get picked off by these fiends. You tend to the villagers, I will hold them off as best as I can.

Akio: You never would listen.

Owens (Flashback): That would most likely be the non-villager side of me.

Akio chuckles for a moment but then frowns afterwards. Owens, noticing, goes over to him and places his hand on his shoulder. Akio matches his gaze, worry written on his face.

Owens (Flashback): When everyone is safe, then we will fight together. As brothers.

Akio smiles momentarily then nods with an understanding expression. Owens gives a slight nod in response and takes off in the opposite direction of the villagers, racing towards the barriers. Akio moves over to an elderly villager, helping her stand. As he moves down the path with her, he turns his head back and looks at Owens running off.

Akio: Good luck, Gabriel.

The scene cuts to Owens racing towards the barriers still, sword strapped across his back. He enters a tower and climbs up a wooden ladder. At the top of the tower, a body can be seen laying against the platform's floor. He moves slightly. A moment later, he moves slightly again. As if his body is moving upwards with gravity taking it down again. On the third attempt, the body finally falls off the side of a rising hatch in which Owens appears through as he climbs onto the platform. He looks behind him, noticing the body. There is a black arrow lodged in the man's torso. Owens turns his head towards the direction in front of him and continues moving along. Sounds of the fight are closer as if it is taking place in the other room. Owens runs down the barrier's platform until he gets to the shoreline's wall. As he steps forwards on the wall, he looks ahead and sees Ikuo in armor with his sword ready. Next to him is an armored man, similar to the deceased one in the tower, readying his sword as black-suited figures continue scaling up the wall.

Owens (Flashback), calling out: Ikuo!

Owens runs towards them. His face, however, turns from intense to surprised within a matter of seconds as Ikuo turns his sword onto the guard that was next to him. Owens then suddenly stops, looking out as the shadow of Ikuo, overcoming him, is seen jabbing his shadow blade into the shadow of the guard. The guard's shadow then falls out of view. Owens continues standing there, surprise on his face. Across from him, the black-suited figures make it onto the wall while Ikuo cleans his blade with a cloth, before discarding the cloth. Ikuo looks up at Owens who continues looking with such dismay.

Ikuo (Flashback): Gabriel... about time you arrived.

Owens (Flashback): Ikuo... What-What is the meaning of this?

Ikuo (Flashback): What ever do you mean, Gabriel?

Owens (Flashback): You... You killed that guard? He was your soldier, you are his leader.

Ikuo (Flashback), correcting him: Was his leader. Do try and keep up, son.

Owens (Flashback): Why are you doing this, Ikuo? Betraying the village.

Ikuo (Flashback): They betrayed me, Gabriel! I wanted nothing but for my son to get the respect he deserves. I trained you both, fed you, taught you both. Yet somehow you get all the attention.

Owens (Flashback): It's understandable that you prefer Akio over me.

Ikuo (Flashback): No, Gabriel. I'm proud of what you become. Strong, loyal and more than capable of solving many problems. Which is why I want you to join me.

Owens (Flashback): In what way?

Ikuo (Flashback): With the Kobura Clan, we can go beyond the island. Take what we want, get what we want.

Owens (Flashback): That is not the way, Sensi. You taught me that things must be earned, fought for. That we all get what we deserve as long as we fight for something we believe in.

Ikuo (Flashback): And it is true. But don't you think we earned it already? I know I do. I've been on this island for decades, Gabriel. I haven't gotten what I wanted. Akio is not the man he needs to be. The Kobura have offered me the world and I intend on taking it. So what do you say? Care to join me, Gabriel?

Owens stands there in thought. After a short moment, he takes a step towards Ikuo who smirks eagerly. Owens then kneels before him. Ikuo, now has a full on smile on his face.

Ikuo (Flashback): That's my son.

Owens then opens his eyes, bears his teeth and goes for his sword. Ikuo jumps back and the figures ready their weapons.

Owens (Flashback): You have betrayed our ways and sided with the enemy. With that alone, you are not worthy of my presence.

Ikuo (Flashback): What is the meaning of this? I am your master... I am your father!

Owens (Flashback): No... You are a traitor. And I am not your son!

Ikuo (Flashback): So be it... Samurai.

Ikuo readies his blade and slashes forwards. With that slash, the scene transitions to the present where present Ikuo drops Owens to the ground with a kick. Owens looks up from the ground, gathering his surroundings.

Owens: Ikuo...

Ikuo, walking over to Owens: All coming back to you now? Took me years to find you again ever since you left Ukiere. After all this time, finally, I can extract my revenge on you.

Owens: Your revenge? You are the one who betrayed the village! Not me!

Ikuo: I gave you a chance to join me. Do me proud. Be the son I raised you to be.

Owens: You may have taught me but you will never be my true father. I can hope that the man that mentored me, the man who loved his life on the island and the island, itself, is still there somewhere.

Ikuo: It's true. I had a love for the island, for its people, for my boys, even. But I was to be the rightful guardian of the island. It's heir. The Samurai of the Light. But the elders saw to it that it would be you. Akio accepted it but I could not. I refused to believe that I would not become the Samurai.

Owens: So you joined the Kobura Clan?

Ikuo: Y'know... It's not that bad being a ninja. You get used to their style after a while.

Owens, angered, jumps to his feet and strikes at Ikuo who evades the attack. He then strikes Owens in his side and jabs his knee into his torso, before throwing him back on the ground. Owens rolls over and gets back up against, ready to fight once more.

Ikuo: (chuckles briefly) I thought we were having a conversation.

Owens: I remember it now... the ninjas have disgraced our home. Came with threats, wanted our resources, our people for labor. It was sickening.

Ikuo: It was necessary! (scoffs) After all this time, especially in the MCA, of all places, I thought you would be a little less naive.

Owens stops and looks at Ikuo.

Ikuo: Yes, that's right. I know about you, where you work, who you socialize with. I told you they're resourceful. I suppose that's why you kept your distance from people in the beginning but that was the beginning. Time does funny things, Gabriel. Like making you soft. The great Samurai of a lost land, foreseen to bring light to the darkness of the world, now reduced... to a right hand man, an office boy who barely uses his sword because a kid with machines in him can suddenly stop the fight. Monsters may roam this world now, Gabriel, but that only gives us more of a reason to let ours loose, the ones inside.

Owens: It's because of the monsters that we need to keep them locked away. There's always another solution.

Ikuo: I agree. We don't have to fight. You can join me. The Kobura haven't been the same since the incident but we still managed to recover in Japan. Come with me. We can do what we want away from all of this.

Owens: I won't make the same mistakes you made, Ikuo.

Ikuo sighs and readies himself for combat.

Ikuo: So be it.

Ikuo runs forwards and strikes at Owens who evades his strikes. During one of Ikuo's strikes, he manages to slash Owens across his shoulder, leaving behind a mark and a tear on his jacket. Owens holds back the slight pain and looks down at his shoulder, acknowledging the tear and the mark. He looks over at Ikuo who displays his hidden claws which seem to retract from his black gloves. He smirks and Owens bears his teeth. Owens strikes, he blocks. Owens strikes again but on the other side of Ikuo. He blocks again. This continues until Owens kicks Ikuo in his leg and uses his other leg to deliver a knee jab to his side. As Ikuo goes down, Owens strikes him at the side of his head and uses a swift kick to knock one of his gloves off. Ikuo gathers his bearings and stands up, ready to fight again. He goes in close and slashes at Owens again who evades it. He strikes again, evade, once more, evaded again. On the fourth time, Ikuo manages to get Owens' other shoulder, tearing more of his jacket. Owens attempts to get away but Ikuo grabs his arm, with the glove-less hand, reels him close to him and holds him down in a headlock. Using this time, he slowly slashes across Owens' torso, tearing more of the jacket as well as his sweater underneath.

Ikuo: I'm going to enjoy killing you.

Owens then delivers a headbutt to Ikuo and throws him off of him. As Ikuo attempts to get up, Owens grabs his arm and pulls it in a way where a "Snap!" noise is heard afterwords. Ikuo lets out a yell as Owens removes the glove from his hand.

Owens: Anymore tricks? Or are you finally ready to accept your fate, traitor?

Ikuo: Just one...

Ikuo uses his other arm to remove a small vial from his belt. It is filled with a mucky, green liquid.

Ikuo: Like I said, resourceful.

Owens: What is that?

Ikuo: While experimenting with a new formula for smoke bombs, the Kobura have discovered that certain pheromones repel these new monsters...

Ikuo crushes the vial in his hand, causing the mucky liquid to explode in a small dust cloud, sprinkly the serum all over him. Owens steps back, avoiding the gas. When he looks back, he sees Ikuo already on his feet, leaning against one of the trees for support. He reaches into his belt again and retrieves another vial, however this one contains a mucky, red liquid.

Ikuo: While others... attract them.

Owens: Ikuo... don't!

Ikuo throws the vial in Owens' general direction. It smashes against the ground before Owens can reach it. The liquid explodes into a gas-state, spreading around the area it was dropped in, some getting onto Owens as he was closing in on the vial. Owens coughs and steps away from the cloud. He looks down at himself while Ikuo chuckles to himself.

Owens: Do you realize what you've done?

A short moment passes by.

Owens: Well? Do you?

With very little time passing by, the ground then begins to shake around them.

Ikuo: To answer your question... I don't. But I believe we shall find out. (chuckles)

Vines breach from the ground and shoot out into the air. They move around as if sensing something until they point downwards in the direction of Owens. Owens then starts to run as the vines come after him. He jumps down the side of a small cliff and slides down the slope, running past more redwood trees. A vine then wraps around his leg, tripping him. Owens turns and sees the vine wrapped around his leg. He reaches for his sword but as he does so, Owens is then lifted into the air by this vine with various veins and enlarged pores. Owens cocks his head to the left and sees a large, plant-like Mutant with dense skin appearing like redwood tree bark and an inner coating appearing like a forest-green slug-like material made up of vines. The Mutant roars out and continues to hold Owens above the ground. Owens struggles to reach for his sword as the vine around him tightens.

Ikuo, calling out from below: This monster will destroy you for me and if it fails to do so then we shall see who's fate is on the line. And we shall fight on the wall by the shore once more, Gabriel.

Ikuo then scuttles off as the Mutant takes up more space. It roars out once more, increasing its grip around him. Owens continues his struggle to survive until a slash occurs over the Mutant's vine, dropping Owens from its grasp. Owens then pulling out his sword and using it to scale down the side of one of the trees. When he is close enough to the ground, he detaches the blade from the tree, itself, and jumps off, sticking the landing. He looks up and sees the Mutant flailing its vines around, almost enraged.

Owens: What-?

Drake, coming into view: You can thank me later.

Owens turns and sees Drake, his ax-form is activated and he is currently in his Vigilante outfit.

Owens: Drake... How did you know I was here?

Drake: When I found out you left, I wanted to make sure you... okay. I lost you before, I wasn't going to lose you again. The Director told me where you were.

Owens: So you were just watching me? For how long?

Drake: Long enough. Who's the other person?

Owens: It's personal.

Drake: I heard that before.

Owens: We can talk about this later. But I can't let him get away. Not this time. You have this under control?

Drake is hesitant for a moment but nods. Owens then turns away and heads off through the forest. The Mutant roars out once more, catching Drake's attention again. He readies himself and jumps forwards, both ax-arms stretching forwards in an attacking manner. The scene cuts over to Owens rushing through the forest.

Owens, to himself, rushing forwards: He said he'll face me on the wall... by the shore again. He can't mean Ukiere. No one has set foot there in years. A wall by the shore...

Owens then stops and turns his head.

Owens, to himself: Of course...

In front of him, is the city district in the distance. Between the barriers is the Golden Gate Bridge, standing still by the shore to the Pacific Ocean. The scene then cuts to later on, with Ikuo watching the city of Sans Francisco while sitting on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The sky is orange, with the sun in the distance, getting ready to fall.

Golden Gate Bridge
March 15, 18:20 EDT

A faint clanking noise is heard a moment later. Ikuo smirks and chuckles to himself.

Ikuo: Quite the view, isn't it?

The scene shows Owens behind Ikuo on the other pillar on the bridges' middle collumn. Ikuo gets up and turns to Owens.

Ikuo: A view to kill, eh?

Owens: It's over, Ikuo.

Ikuo: Please... We did this dance before. It's going to end the same way. I get away and you live the rest of your life with regret and guilt. Only this time, I will finally make you suffer.

Owens draws his sword.

Owens: Not this time.

Ikuo: Ah, finally earned the right to face against your sword? The sword of the Samurai? Must be a shame to not use it for what it was meant for.

Owens: It was meant to rid the world for darkness, every strike it takes. I will fulfill its purpose with this fight, I assure you.

Ikuo: Well then... (draws his own sword and readies it for battle) let's see who will face their fate.

Ikuo then runs along the cable connected the two pillars as well as Owens. When they finally clash, their swords cling together, triggering another flash, sending the view into yet another flashback scene, with Ikuo and Owens' swords clashing together. They engage in a heavy sword fight, Owens striking down at Ikuo who blocks with his sword. Ikuo returning the attack but Owens blocking as well. This continues on, slash after slash, until the entire place shakes, causing the two of them to cease their fighting.

Owens (Flashback): The island... it's-

Ikuo (Flashback): Erupting. They told me of an earthquake approaching this general direction but I did not imagine it to devastate the island.

Owens (Flashback): Where does this leave us?

Ikuo (Flashback): This leaves us where we were before only with less time to show off. Time to finish this, Gabriel.

Ikuo jumps forwards with his blade which transitions to the present with Ikuo doing the same maneuver. Owens is slashed across the arm, causing him to drop his sword onto the cable. Ikuo then raises his sword over Owens.

Ikuo: Did you really think you could defeat me? I taught you everything you know. I made you! It's a pity to waste your potential but it's time to finish this, Gabriel.

As Ikuo raises his blade into the air, the scene transitions into the same flashback scene where Ikuo launches towards Owens with his sword. However, Akio jumps in front of the way, taking the sword to the chest. Akio drops in front of Owens who drops his sword, onto the wall's platform. He gets down on his knees and tends to Akio.

Owens (Flashback): Akio! No!

Ikuo (Flashback): Akio... What have you done?

Akio: I saved him... from you, father. How could betray us like this?

Ikuo (Flashback): I did this for you. I did this for us.

Akio: You did this... for yourself. (cough)

He turns his head to Owens.

Akio: I told you we would finish this fight together... as brothers.

Owens (Flashback): Stay with me, Akio. You can still make it.

Akio: No, Gabriel. Just finish the fight. Do it for me.

Akio then falls lifelessly into Owens arms.

Owens (Flashback): No... Akio... Akio...

Owens looks down at the body, his body shakes as sobbing noises are heard. Ikuo watches this from the short distance while surrounded by the Kobura members. After a moment, the sobbing then comes to stop and Owens remains there... motionless. His head then tilts up slowly, looking directly at Ikuo. His face solid, without emotion, as he raises from Akio's body. He removes Ikuo's sword from Akio's chest and tosses it in front of Ikuo. He looks down at his sword and looks over Owens.

Ikuo (Flashback): What is this?

Owens (Flashback): Pick it up.

Ikuo (Flashback): What are you-

Owens (Flashback): PICK UP THE SWORD!

Silence feels the area until the metal clank of Ikuo's sword is heard as it slides across the wall's platform and is lifted into the air, in Ikuo's grasp. Owens reaches down and retrieves his sword as well.

Owens (Flashback): His name was Akio Masaki... you killed my brother... prepare to be vanquished.

Owens then engages Ikuo with his sword. The two swords clash together several times, with each swing, Owens' strikes become more violent and heavy. The Kobura members then start to back away as the shaking of the island continues. Parts of the wall then start to crumble apart as the battle intensifies. As Owens continues striking at Ikuo, Ikuo starts to get wounded at his sides when even his own sword can't shield him from the strikes. Ikuo starts backing away from Owens who advances on him, still swinging and attacking, leaving Ikuo only to defend himself. When Ikuo attempts to escape from the fight, Owens slashes across his face, leaving behind a gashing scar.

Ikuo (Flashback): ARUGH!

Owens (Flashback): It's over for you, Ikuo!

As Owens launches forwards with the attack, the scene transitions back to the present with Ikuo striking down his sword to Owens. Owens, quickly gathering his senses, grabs his sword from the cable and swings it upwards, blocking Ikuo's strike. Ikuo, surprised, just looks at Owens as he kicks him back along the cable. Owens gets up and readies his sword, more confidently. Ikuo, noticing, readies his blade as well. The two re-engage in their fight, swords clashing against each other. However, the fight starts to make a turn in favor of Owens as his attacks become more focused, more heavy and more empowered. Ikuo is eventually put in a situation similar to the flashbacks, where he can only defend himself from Owens' onslaught. Ikuo then attempts to break away from the fight but Owens, continues, slashing Ikuo's hand off and causing him to drop his sword.

Ikuo: ARUGH!

Ikuo drops to his pillar, holding his injured hand with his other arm. A shadow then comes over him. Ikuo turns his head and looks up at Owens who puts a sword to his throat.

Ikuo: Do it... Finish me, finish the fight.

Owens then stands there, looking down at him. After a moment, Owens pulls the blade away from his throat and returns it to its sheath.

Owens: No.

Ikuo: No? What do you mean, no? Do it! Finish the fight! (after a short moment of silence) You disgrace my son by not honoring your promises.

Owens: I will finish the fight but this is no longer my fight. You are beaten, I have won. That was the battle but my fight rages on longer than our squabble. And so does yours.

Ikuo: You think mercy will solve my problems?

Owens: No. This is pity.

Ikuo: (scoffs) You've only made a mistake this day. I will return when I am ready.

Owens: It doesn't matter to me. I'm going to focus on my own problems. I suggest you do the same. Until then, I'll be waiting.

Ikuo tosses a small circular device from his belt, which explodes into a cloud of smoke. When the smoke dissipates, Ikuo is no longer there. Owens stands there on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The scene slowly transitions into a flashback scene with both Ikuo and Owens on the crumbling wall as the distant island continues to shake. Before Owens can deliver the final blow, the wall begins to tear open, splitting the two ends, separating the two from each other. Owens is flung back onto the platform. He looks up, attempting to get up but stops when he sees Akio's body fall off the newly formed ledge and into the water. Owens attempts to grab his body but fails to do so. He then looks up at Ikuo as both sides of the wall push away from one another.

Ikuo (Flashback): This isn't over yet, Owens. Next time we meet, you won't be so fortunate.

Owens (Flashback): There is no next time for you, Ikuo!

Ikuo (Flashback): We'll see... (chuckle) We'll see...

The Kobura ninjas then drops smoke bombs before them, and they vanish when the smoke dissipates. The island continues shaking as the wall falls apart. Owens then takes his sword and stands there until the wall finally crumbles underneath and he drops into the same waters. Owens is then seen drifting through the waters, his eyes closed and mouth open, with his arms spread out and sword in his grasp. After a moment, his eyes open. The scene then transitions to later on with Owens dragging Akio's body out of the water and onto the shore, elsewhere on the island. He looks in the distance and sees his village, far away, burning and practically falling apart with various ships sailing away from it. Owens then continues breathing heavily until he starts breathing at a calm rate again. He looks from the village to Akio in his lap. The scene then cuts to later on, the night upon the island, with Owens standing over a small hump in the sand with a small pile of rocks in front of it. Owens then kneels before Akio's grave with Akio's sword in his hand, stabbing it into the sand. After a moment, Owens removes the sword from the ground and returns it to its sheath. Owens then wears the sheath, making that two swords across his back. He then continues to wander the island across the shoreline. The scene then cuts to the island, now in the daylight.

9 Years Ago

After a short moment of silence, a faint "Boom!" sound is heard echoing in the far distance. A figure lifts their head from the shadows, turning towards the direction that the sound came from. The island then shakes slightly, alarming the figure. The figure then gets up and runs. He is then seen running past various trees, leaping over rocks and other structures as he runs through the island. He then climbs up a rock structure and looks out over the island. The figure is none other than Owens, bearded and bushy haired. A wave of some kind of energy phases across the skies and over him, darkening the clouds above him. A yell is then heard in the distance. Owens turns his head and sees a ship not too far from the island. On board, mutated Humans in ripped uniforms are seen running through the ship, approaching a young woman wearing a similar navy blue uniform. She has long black hair and blue eyes. She has an ax in her hands and she is swinging it at the Mutants attacking her.

Woman, defending herself: Get off me! Stay away!

One of the Mutants crawls onto the top of the ship and looks down at the woman It then leaps down and attempts to get the drop on her but a slash occurs and the Mutant drops the ground. She turns around and sees Owens, dripping wet and with his sword ready. He then leaps forwards and slashes at the Mutants, essentially killing all the remaining ones. When the attack is over, Owens returns his sword to its sheath and turns to face the woman. She lowers his ax and pushes her hair out of her face.

Woman: Thanks... whoever you are.

Owens (Flashback): You're welcome... I'm Gabriel.

Woman: May Harper, Cadet for the U.S. Military Academy.

Owens (Flashback): I hope that's not your full name.

May (Flashback): You can just call me, May...

Owens looks down at the bodies of the mutated cadets.

Owens: What happened here?

May: Beats me. I'm here for a training mission, then all of a sudden the sky shook and-and they just turned into these monsters. This kind of stuff wasn't covered in the training!

Owens: I heard it too. Saw the sky ripple with my own eyes. There's an island not far from here.

May: I'm not gonna abandon my position.

Owens: I understand. You're militant. I knew men like you. I was destined to be someone great, a warrior for my people. But I had to leave because they had gone just as your people have gone too. I don't know you and you don't know me so I understand if you don't trust me but this- this is my fight now and I promise you, I will keep you safe.

May looks at Owens then looks away with thought. She then turns back to him a short moment later and sighs.

May: Alright, Gabe... lead the way.

The scene then fades to the MCA Helicarrier, hovering through the skies. The sky is dark, it's night and the clouds seem thick this time around.

MCA Helicarrier
March 15, 20:58 EDT

On board, the Director is seen in her office, checking some papers. After a short moment, there's a knock at the door.

Director, without lifting her head up: Not now, I'm busy.

Owens, behind the door: It's me.

The Director stops and looks over at the door. The scene cuts to behind the door with Owens, standing there. There isn't any response.

Owens: ...May?

The door opens and the Director stands there in the doorway, looking up at him.

Director: You didn't let me know you were coming back.

Owens: Didn't think I had to.

The Director cocks an eyebrow before a look of realization comes across her face. She then looks down and scoffs to herself.

Director, looking back at Owens: Drake told you, didn't he?

Owens: Yeah... I appreciate it.

Director: It's like he said. We just got you back, I- we don't want to lose you again.

Owens: And you won't. I'll be here, this is where my fight is. I realize that now.

Director: So how's your head? You thinking straight again?

Owens: Now that I'm here... never felt better.

Director: Glad to hear it, Gabe.

The scene cuts once more to the corridors where Drake is seen exiting the hangar room. He turns his head and sees Kate waiting by the elevator.

Kate, noticing Drake: Drake!

Drake: Hey... What's going on?

Kate: I uh- wanted to talk to you.

Drake: Everything alright?

Kate: I got the call... from my boss. The one I told you about, remember?

Drake: Yeah... I remember. Look, Kate, if you have to go, then go. I understand it. Just make sure John knows, alright? He... he cares about you too.

Kate: Well, uh- I don't think I have to tell him anymore.

Drake: What do you mean?

Kate: He let me know that he wants to stay out here longer, with you guys.

Drake: What made him change his mind?

Kate: He says it's the stories I gave him. From all the RDRs he sent people on, none of them did anything as big as the ones I did. It was kinda hard to believe at first but come to think of it, it's not everyday you come across a billionaire vigilante and a band of mercenaries. Plus I'm all up on regulations. Since I'm in MCA custody, I have more than enough protection... and as long as I keep up the good work, I'll be able to stay around.

Drake: That's... That's good to hear, Kate. I like having you around.

Kate smiles. She then squeals briefly with excitement. Drake looks a little confused.

Kate: Sorry, I'm just excited. I'll go check on John. I'll see you around.

Drake: Yeah, sure...

Kate runs off down the corridor while Drake remains by the elevator. He turns his head and sees Owens approaching.

Drake, facing him: Owens, are you okay?

Owens: I'm fine, Drake. Thank you for your help with the Mutant back there... and for keeping an eye on me.

Drake: It's not a problem, Owens. You taught me a lot, trained me. I didn't always like it but I wouldn't have what I have without it.

Owens: Drake... I want to- uh, ask you a question.

Drake just looks at Owens.

Owens: Do you see me as your mentor?

Drake: What?

Owens: Someone who guides you.

Drake: Oh, then yes. I do.

Owens: That's all I could ask for, Drake. I realize now that I haven't been too supportive. I want that to change. Thinking back on my past, I realized my mentor was proud of what I become but not for the right reasons. As your mentor, I want to be there to help you... personally.

Drake: I thought you kept personal things to yourself.

Owens: It's a new me, Drake. A new me.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Owens regains his memories and clarity
  • Owens defeats Ikuo but lets him go

Minor Events

  • John is released from the medical bay
  • Owens is released from the medical bay
  • The other MCA Officers are released from the medical bay
  • Drake, Kate and John go on several missions off-screen
  • Kate believes she is leaving for New York for about a month
  • Owens slices off Ikuo's hand
  • Owens decides to open up more with Drake and the Director


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • Director Harper
  • Subject SCV22
  • MCA Officers
  • MCA Medics
    • Dr. Holden (First Appearance)
    • Ruby (First Appearance)
  • Young Owens (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Akio Masaki (First Appearance) (Flashback) (Deceased)
  • Ukiere Villagers (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Ukiere Guards (First Appearance) (Deceased)


  • Ikuo Masaki (First Appearance)
  • The Kobura Clan (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Tree Mutant (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns


  • Dr. Holden is an allusion to Holden Radcliffe, a scientist from the show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • When discussing movies they should watch, Kate mentions one about "telepathic space monks". This is a reference to the Jedi from Star Wars.
  • During one of the flashbacks, Owens finally confronts Ikuo, refusing to join his side. Ikuo's response to this was, "So be it... Samurai." This is a reference to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where Luke refuses Emperor Palpatine's offer to join the dark side. His response being, "So be it... Jedi."
  • The Kobura Clan is a reference to the villainous organization from G.I. Joe, Cobra.
  • When facing Owens on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, he says, "Quite the view, isn't it? ...A view to kill, eh?" This is a reference to the James Bond film, A View to Kill.
  • In Owens and Ikuo's final fight within the flashbacks, before fighting him, Owens tells Ikuo, "His name was Akio Masaki, you killed my brother, prepare to be vanquished." This is a reference to Inigo Montoya's catchphrase from The Princess Bride.


  • This episode was made to focus on Owens' past, seeing how he came to be the man he is today.
  • During production, Ikuo was called the "old enemy" as a placeholder name.
  • This is the first episode (co-)written by Rex.
  • While Brandon 10 is the writer of the episode, both Bat and Rex came up with the script for the episode with Brandon only writing and uploading it.
  • Ikuo was initially going to be Owens' friend, being raised together and were practically brothers. However, this was changed to a more interesting concept; mentor and student.
    • That was however hinted at before Ikuo was revealed.
  • The flashback aspects and later parts of the episode were inspired by Samurai Jack.
  • Ukiere was going to be named in a similar fashion to Lian Yu, as a reference to Arrow. However, it was changed to Ukiere because it had a meaning that can be used in the story.
  • This episode was delayed for weeks because of a change with the writers. A similar situation occured with the episode, Flight in the Night.
  • The title of the episode was to allude to the consequences of rescuing Owens and how his return wouldn't be well recieved. While the episode did focus on that, it was also given more context with the inclusion of the shockwaves from an earthquake close to Ukiere.
    • One of the ideas for Ikuo was to have Earth-manipulating abilities somehow, whether it'd be through Mutant powers or advanced sword-technology. This would also add to the title as he would be able to create literal aftershocks. This idea was scrapped, however.
  • The scene where Owens meets May for the first time was referred to in the previous episode by May, herself.
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