Afterlife is a Anubisian, on the planet E gipp-shun.


He is a humanoid, dog like phantom. He has the face of a dog, with light grey fur on his body, head, arms, and legs. He also has dark grey fur on his ears, mouth, hands, and feet. He has a gold, Egyptian neck brace around his neck, an Egyptian dress, wrist and leg braces, with green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


  • Intangibility, he can phase though solid objects.
  • Levitation, able to levitate and almost fly.
  • Body possession, able to control someone, from the inside.
  • Dead resurrection, bring back someone from the dead.


  • Sun light burns him.
  • Bringing someone back from the dead takes to much power out of him, almost killing him.

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Afterlife Art

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