General Information
Species Phereospiros
Home World Phero
Body Humanoid Phoenix
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Fire Breath
Ice Breath
Electricity Manipulation

Sonic Screech
Sharp Feather Projectiles
Sharp Tail
Weather Manipulation


 After is a DNA sample of a Phereospiros from the planet Phero.


Afterburn is a Phoenix-like alien with red feathers. He has a beak with razor teeth. He has 6 eyes. 2 big ones and 4 smaller ones. His chest plating is bronze. He has four legs. His tail has a curved dagger at the tip of his tail. He has limitless teleportaion. He can teleport through a pit of fire. Or he can use it as a revival technigue just like a regular phoenix. He can control weather using certain movement.


Afterburn can shoot fire from his mouth. He can control the shadows and even turn into one. Afterburn can fly at great speeds.  Ice breath. Electricity manipulation. He can let out a powerful screech that can distenergrate most types of matter.

He can shoot sharp feathers from his wings . Manipulation of gravity.



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