Affe is a red-furred Arachnichimp with a red Plumber armor, and he has two scars over his eye and lip. He also wields a large brown pouch with one firearm and a dagger.


Affe believes he doesn't need anyone due to him being on his own for majority life. As he doesn't have many friends, he only has respect for some members of his group. He always works his hardest on whatever he sets his sights on, even if it’s hazardous to his own health.


Affe used to be an outcast of the Arachnichimps society due to his red-colored fur. Unfortunately, he lost his parents due to an attack from the DNAliens. While exploring the planet alone he came across an old plumber ship and was fascinated by the technology inside. As a child, He always had a fascination with technology and chemicals. He always kept a pouch of ingredients to mix things together with. He managed to survive on his own by hunting on his own. And by that, he was able to become a master chief. After years of working he managed to get the ship working and began to explore the universe becoming a master in weaponry and hand to hand combat. Most knowledge he has on weaponry comes from one of his mentors who was a Planchaküle. He was eventually recognized for his skills and was asked to join the plumbers which he accepted too. He quickly rose through the ranks eventually becoming a member of an elite squad called Pollux, but due to his tragic past, he keeps his emotions to himself a lot and doesn’t tell his teammates his feelings.


  • Web Generation- Affe has the ability to shoot webs from his tail which are said to have the strength similar to steel.
  • Wall Scaling- Affe's limbs are able to stick on vertical and upside-down surfaces.
  • Sticky Fur- Affe can stick up to vertical surfaces.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Affe has the reflexes of a prime ape, being able to make quick movements and dodge attacks.
  • Enhanced Strength- Despite his small size, Affe can lift and throw many times his size.
  • Pouch- he has a brown pouch where he contains his materials and weaponry.


  • Affe got the scar on his lip in the DNAlien attack invasion and the scar over his eye from a brawl with Vulkanus while trying to steal some Taydenite.
  • His art was done by Xavier Pokedex which we have the permission of using.
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