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Aethradons are a species from the planet Terradino, and are Astrodactyl's species in Earth-2018.


Aethradons are humanoid, semi-robotic, Pterosaur-like creatures. They have wings that sprout from a jetpack-like structure on their backs. Similar growths are on their forearms. They have large beaks and have crests coming off their heads.


  • Aethradons have inner stellar power. This gives them the ability to propel themselves with their jetpacks, create energy whips from the growths on their arms, shoot energy beams from their mouths, among other unknown ways of utilizing this power.
  • Aethradons can fly and survive in space.
  • Aethradons have enhanced speed, strength, durability, and agility.


  • Aethradons are weak to electricity.

Notable Aethrodons

  • Astrodactyl (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Aethradon in Earth-2018)
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