Aerophant is an Aeroloxodon from Planet Bos Lucas. He looks like an alien elephant with mechanical turbines. He is one of Shade's aliens.


Aeroloxodons are able to manipulate air pressure and air. His turbines allow him to fly for a short time. His trunk can consume moisture to keep him alive. He is one of the powerful aliens in Shade's Ultratrix. However, Shade hates him the most. The alien has paranormal strength and has a rhino effect (when something big and powerful speeds up, it becomes indestructible). He has enhanced durability which allows him to witstand ten or more hits.


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Species and Planet


Aeroloxodons are descendants from Elephanians. Though not directly descending, Aeroloxodons possessed its ancestor's characteristics, to manipulate air pressure and speed. They live on Planet Loxodonta. There are sixteen more Aeroloxodons each from different parts of the world.


Loxodonta is jungle planet covered with trees and fruits which are so delicious that most people come to taste it. The planet is now in the verge of extinction of its trees and variety of species living including the Aeroloxodons.

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