General Information
Species: Wethosovorian
Home World: Unknown
Body: Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Weather Manipulation
Classification: Automata/Mineraloid
First Appearance: The Start Of The Journey (Interspace 10)

Aerojet is an alien free for anyone to use.


Aerojet's abilities include:

  • Weather Manipulation
    • Limited Aerokinesis
    • Limited Hydrokinesis
    • Limited Electrokinesis
  • Flight


Aerojet is an alien somewhat similar in appearance to Lodestar, but with notable differences, such as a connected head, finned, bulky arms, and a metallic blue/gray color scheme.


Aerojet's weather powers are somewhat limited, as he can only change the weather within a 1-mile radius. He is not immune to his own powers.

Planet and Species Information

Aerojet is a Wethosovorian from Lodestar's home planet, which is currently unnamed. The exact origins of the Wethosovorians are currently under debate, with the two leading theories suggesting either convergent evolution or a common ancestor with the Biosovortians.

Regardless of the species' origin, it is known that modern Wethosovorians are relatively peaceful and benevolent, keeping their planet's normally violent weather in check wherever possible.



  • Aerojet's design was primarily based on commercial jetliners.

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