Aero Dactyl
General Information
Species Flingus
Home World Gustiti
Body Humanoid pterodactyl
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight


Advanced reflexes

Advanced durability

First Appearance Revenge of Vulpin (2.10)

Aero Dactyl is an alien in the Sem 10 franchise.


Aero Dactyl is a flight alien, and can fly at a high speed. He also possesses super strength, advanced reflexes and durability, and can use a loud scream as a taunt.


Aero Dactyl can't fly when his wings are covered in sticky materials, such as slime.

Sem 2.10

He first appeared in Revenge of Vulpin to defeat the Vulpimancers. He then reappeared in Fred 2.40, but Sem transformed into him by accident while he actually wanted Ninjbot. He then appeared in the next episode DNAtrix Rising to fight Hyjinx. He then appears in Noah 10-Sem 2.10: Clones Attack twice, once used by Alshedo and once used by Sem. Alshedo used him to fly away from Sem's fire. Sem used him to help Magister Nebula with an air battle. In Sem 2.10: Corrupted Future, Aero Dactyl saves the main trio from falling to their deaths.


3.10: The Last Generation

Aero Dactyl now wears a shirt. He first appears in Have Some Respect, where he carries Snake to King Avlat's ship. After Sem unlocked Astrodactyl, he is no longer needed and therefore is rarely used.



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