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General Information
Species Aerosapien
Powers and Abilities

Aero-dactyl is a Aerosapien from the planet Bexos and Aeropiana.

He can destroy Upchuck Norris easily.


Aero-dactyl has blue wings and walks on all fours but can walk on two. His body, legs and tail are brown. He has brown chestplates and his claws are blue. He is a robotic pterodactyl-like alien. He has the head of a pterodactyl, but it is blue and robotic. He also has four thin black lines that start from the tip of his beak, to his blue eyes. At the end of his tail is a spike, the tip of the tail is orange. His tail has four thin black lines that start at the tip of the spike to the bottom like his beak. His beak can split into four parts like Blitzwolfer. His tail can do the same thing. He has blue spikes that start from the tail to the top of his head. Like the tip of those spikes on his tail, it is orange. They can also split. He has two spikes on his head.


  • Flight
  • Retractable wings
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Sharp claws
  • Sharp teeth
  • Sharp beak
  • Sonic scream
  • Ice breath
  • Fire breath
  • Create whirl winds
  • Supreme eyesight
  • Can bite through anything
  • Laser eyes
  • Supreme agility
  • Supreme hearing
  • Can create tornados
  • Can create hurricanes
  • Lightning manipulation and production powers
  • Can shoot his spikes, horns,and spike on the end of his tail
  • He carries a mace that he can shoot electricity out of and hit people


Being robotic, water will short him out and dangerously hurt him. His eyes are very useful, but if something gets in his eyes, or blinds him temporarily, this will be bad. He will be injured if his attacks got reflected back at him.


He will appear in my show, Ben 10 Multiverse.

Home Planet

  • Bexos
  • Aeropiana


  • He is an alien in the Multimatrix
  • His true form is unrevealed. This form is a high tech armour exoskeleton.
  • His species are not actually robotic they created this armour after a deadly storm hit their planet.
  • His wings are located on his back but he can put them where Jetray's are.