Aerial Topmen!

Aerial Topmen is a humanoid from the planet Earth.


Aerial Topmen is actually Aero Flinger's best friend, and also is a special person because of her background.

Aerial Topmen was born in the plumber base two years before Aero Flinger was born. Aerial Topmen was born by an Anodite mother, leaving her 1/100th Anodite. Aerial Topmen mastered many weapons of which ever one she is using currently. Aerial Topmen was able to become a plumber at age 12, but never actually went on a mission before.

Powers and Abilities

Aerial Topmen's able to use any weapon, and leave her foe badly injured with the weapon in her hand, or whatever she's using to hold it.She is 1/100th Anodite, since she was born by a Anodite mother, leaving her some pretty weak mana powers.Aerial Topmen also is intelligent for a thirteen year old.


  • Aerial Topmen was actually a character that wasn't planned.But when she was created, she was supposed to be Aero's cousin, and was also planned to air in season two.
  • Aerial Topmen is the only female Anodite seen ever. 
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