Aeral (OMX)
General Information
Species Calarenosyu
Home World Humoare
DNA source unknown
Body Humanoid / sand
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Metamorphose / sand control
First Appearance Unknown

"The purest sand on the beach this his defeat what am I to beach his defeat. "

Areal is a Calarenosyu Humiare the planet. One of the original Alien series Ben 10: Omnimatrix.


Ben 10: Omnimatrix

Aeral Gif

It consists of sand, has five pins ranging from chest back, and one of them is the Omnitrix. He has a big mouth and her head is connected to your corpo.Seus arms are long, and have two pins each.



Metamorfhose of Areal

Arial has the body composed of sand, which makes it able to remodel it indefinitely.

Ground control

This is its greatest power, and transform your body, he can do it with earth and sand around them.


He was described as a pile of sand with a black mask, but Omnimatrix it is much more defined.

It has the same powers of Sandman Marvel Comics.

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