We'll see Vilgy. But I think it's you who will die. I've beaten you 3 times at least. Others have tried and failed. I suceeded. Me. A 10 year old kid. Believe me when I say it Vilgax. I'm no joke. I'm Aen 10. Remember.

–Aen, when confronting Vilgax in Power

Aen Tempest, is a human from Earth. He is the main character in Aen 10.


He wears a red jacket with short sleeves and fingerless gloves. He wears black combat boots and red goggles with tinted lenses. He has black spiky hair and blueish gray eyes.


Aen can transform into 10 aliens via the Omnitrix


Aen is quick and cocky. He often doesn't think of a plan before engaging the enemy. He has been shown to act a little serious occasionally.

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