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The AemuTrix is a new kind of Omnitrix that debuted in Tech 10: Rebooted.


The Aemulum Omnitrix, or AemuTrix, was intially created by Xr. Nullamor as a research project. During work on a DNA Tracker commissioned by Moranna Ceres, he, by his own admittance, got lazy and just tweaked the design of the transformation matrix he was already working on. After finishing it, he presented it to Moranna, who became the primary user.

25 years after the events of Rebooted, the AemuTrix was eventually destroyed by Orion throwing a metal bar through the symbol component. Moranna decided against having it rebuilt, stating that the need for it had passed.


The AemuTrix consisted of a purple bracelet component with three buttons and a hexagonal symbol component with a purple version of the Intergalactic Peace Symbol on it.



  • The AemuTrix stored digitally recreated DNA strings.
  • The AemuTrix could store multiple body types for various aliens.
  • The AemuTrix was operated with a holoscreen that projected from the bracelet component
  • The AemuTrix had a preset plugin for DNA combination.


  • The AemuTrix could connect with most communication devices.
  • The AemuTrix could create customizable uniforms for each alien.
  • The AemuTrix had a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The AemuTrix had a built-in DNA Tracker.


  • The AemuTrix could use its matter-energy conversion function to create alien forms without DNA.
  • The AemuTrix was created with data stolen by Xr. Nullamor during his collaboration on the SpecTrix's DNA fusion function.
  • The full name for the AemuTrix, the Aemulum Omnitrix, translates to 'Rival Omnimatrix'.

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