General Information
Home World Etyma-776
Predatory Species Orfryyn
Body Dragonic Elf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magic
Elemental Manipulation
Energy Transmutation

The Aevlfe (pronounced Ay-luh-fe) are White Wand's species in Damen 13. They live on the planet Etyma-776.


Aevlfe are pale-skinned, with many different tail colors and/or horns, as well as pointy ears and blond hair in many styles.. They wear light clothes and do not wear shoes. Female Aelvfe have longer but thinner tails and pointier ears, as well as lighter colors, while the males have darker colors, thicker but shorter tails and more rounded ears.


Powers and Abilities

Aelvfe have the ability to manipulate the natural energy around them, creating magic out of the trees and nature itself. They can transmute the energy around them as well to power up spells that can benefit the user or allies or deal damage to enemies. Aelvfe can also move faster by manipulating the nature around them, making them become pseudo-invisible.


Aelvfe are weak to any area that has no natural energy or emits toxic levels of radiation.


The Aelvfrs are a peaceful race of Draconic elves who maintain the Planet's prosperity. But it wasn't always like that.

Aevlfe were once a prominent species on an unknown planet. But then came an Illumite with his army and destroyed all the nature around them.

The only option they had left was to send the Mother Queen Aevlfr in a Nature Pod out to a new world, as well as some of the other notable Aevlfe to keep the species alive. And the Illumite came at them again.

And again.

And again.

Until finally, they became smarter and launched a decoy pod in the opposite direction, while the Mother Queen Aevlfr landed on Etyma-776, a utopic paradise of nature.

Notable Aelvfe

Notable Evolved Aelvfe

Will Update when the series is over.

Notable Aelvfe Hybrids

None Yet

Notable Aelvfe Fusions

  • Spike Wand (Codetrix fusion containing Aelvfr and Spinaesapien DNA)


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