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Flame 10
Season 1, Episode 10
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Future 101

Major Events[]

  • Flame gets the Ultimatrix from Universe B.
  • All the Flame's team up to defeat Steel X.
  • Flame gets a new look.
  • Flame meets/and fights other Flames.
  • Flame and Ken meet each other.


Flame Tennyson (Universe A= Regular Universe) Main

Flame Tennyson (Universe C= Stickfigure Universe)

Flame Donutyson (Universe D= Food Universe)

Flame Botyson (Universe E= Robot Universe)

Flame Boxson (Universe F= Box/Minecraft Universe)

Ken (Universe A) Main

Paradox (Universe A) Main

Rook (Universe A) Main


Steel X (Universe A)


The Movie begins in Paradox's Lab.

Paradox: I'm gonna make a time machine that can go into a multiverse.

Paradox gets a hammer and stars pounding on it. Then Paradox takes a robot arm and shoves it in there.


Paradox time travels to get some parts.

Paradox:Finally it finished.

Rook:Paradox may I use you hypercanon XLL?

Flame breaks the door by transforming into Humongasaur.

Humongasaur:Oops. Sorry. Whatcha got there?

Paradox:I'm making a time machine.

Humongasaur tries to steal it and Paradox stops time. Then moves into another place.

Humongasuar: I'll get that time machine.. What? How did you do that?

Paradox:The time machine is finished.

Humongasaur tries to get it AGAIN then Rookdoes a barrel roll in air and kicks Humongasuar.


Rook:Ben is for selfcontroled then you.

Flame transformes back into Flame.

Flame walks up to Rook.

Flame:Have you seen what Ben's been doing thesse day.


Paradox: Taking over planets kills others and kills our spirit.

Paradox smiles.

Rook;So how did you make it?

Paradox: Its very easy to understand. By shunting the temporal flux through orbitally opposed capacitors and bypassing the tachyon flow via an magically inverted antihex we can achive cross temporal molecular replacement and anyway LONG STORY SHORT, whoever presses the button and whoever's touching THEM is sent back in time to replace themselves! The time machine takes place of its previous self too, which is how come there's not two of them right now.

Rook: I understand...

Flame grabs the time machine and pushes the button sending Rook and Paradox to Universe C.

Flame: What the heck..

Rook:This looks like linepaper.


FlameC: Who are you?

Flame goes to another universe with others.

FlameD: Who are you?

Rook:Hate it.

They goes to another universe FlameE: What the..

Flame:Hate it.

Goes to another Universe.

Flame; I hate this.

Rook:Yeah. FlameF: Thats it I hate people coming to my universe

FlameF pushes the button and all the Flames come to Universe B.

FlameC: Get Flame!

FlameC turns into Waybig. FlameD turns into Fasttrack. FlameE turns into Fourarms. FlameF turns into Upgrade. Flame:Uh oh.


  • Paradox explains time machines and the multiverse like Princess Bubblegum in Issue 6. Paradox said exactly what she said.