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Adriel Albright
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Paytonville (formerly)
Grover's Mill
Age 22 (Big Plans)
23 (Never Forget You)
42 (Thnks fr th Mmrs and Cool Kids)
43 (Verge)
Affiliations Plumbers
Otto (formerly)
Occupations Retired Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Suit
Plumber Badge (formerly)
Null Void Projector (formerly)
Sound Wave Grenade (formerly)
Hoverchair (formerly)
Relatives Adalia Albright (wife)
Alan Albright (son)
Aaron Albright (son)
Nicknames Honey (Adalia)
Dad (Alan)
Voice Actor Echo Kellum
First Appearance Big Plans

Adriel Albright (born 1963) is the deuteragonist of Bonds. He first appeared in Big Plans. He is a human from the planet Earth. He is the husband of Adalia Albright and the father of Alan and Aaron Albright.


Adriel is a scrawny African-American man of average height with brown eyes and short, curly black hair.

In Big Plans and Never Forget You, he wore a Plumber suit from the original series.

While healing from a broken leg in the latter episode, he wore a light blue T-shirt and black pants.

In Thnks fr th Mmrs, he wore a Plumber suit from the sequels. He also looked older, as it had been 19 years since the previous episode.

In Cool Kids and Verge, he wore a short-sleeved maroon T-shirt and light grey pants.


Adriel has a good heart and always tries to see the best in people, though this leads to him being too trusting at times.

While Adriel usually prefers to play by the rules, he is not above breaking them if it means saving or improving the lives of those he cares about. This was shown when he spent a year trading alien technology to work his way up to getting a Null Void Projector so he could break Servantis out of the Null Void.[1]


Prior to Bonds

Not much is known about Adriel's life growing up.

In 1983, when he was 20, he joined the Plumbers and was stationed at the Mt. Rushmore headquarters. He was injured on his first mission and was tended to by Servantis. The two began forming a friendship.


In Big Plans, he joined Max and another unnamed Plumber in escorting three alien Plumbers and their unconscious prisoner, Dr. Psychobos, into Plumber Headquarters. He brought Dr. Psychobos to the operating room for Servantis to tend to his injuries and invited him to have supper after it was over. Later, he returned to the operating room with the three alien Plumbers, along with Max and Magister Chang to find that Servantis had extracted Dr. Psychobos' DNA and merged it with his own, explaining that he was dying. Adriel told Servantis that he could have asked anyone for help, to which Servantis simply said nothing they would have come up with would have worked. Magister Chang instructed Adriel to bring him the Null Void Projector. He reluctantly obeyed, causing Servantis to be sent to the Null Void by Magister Chang.

Adriel did not agree with Magister Chang's decision and came up with a plan to release Servantis from the Null Void. He spent the next year secretly trading alien technology to get his hands on a Null Void Projector. His hard work paid off when Otto offered to give him a Null Void Projector in exchange for some Taydens.

In Never Forget You, Adriel met Otto and his assistant, Bubble Helmet. He exchanged a box of Taydens for a Null Void Projector and was advised by Otto to not go into the Null Void. He respectfully declined his advice and, after Otto and Bubble Helmet left, opened a portal and entered it. He was almost immediately attacked by a Null Guardian, but managed to defeat it. He was then ambushed by an unnamed alien. Adriel held his own, but was eventually overwhelmed. The alien discarded his Null Void Projector and broke his right leg before throwing him down the void. He regained consciousness in the Null Void Incarcecon, with a cast around his leg and Servantis by his side. Adriel told Servantis that he came to the Null Void to break him out. Servantis declined, claiming he was putting his skills to better use in Incarcecon than on Earth. He gave him a tour of Incarcecon by lending him a hoverchair, explaining that he was in charge of the facility.

After much prying from Adriel, Servantis revealed why he joined the Plumbers and told him about his initial attempt at giving himself Cerebrocrustacean DNA, as well as the truth behind what happened on the day he was sent to the Null Void. Adriel expressed his disappointment at Servantis for knowingly going against the Plumbers' rules, but Servantis assured him that the end justified the means. A few days later, Adriel's leg healed completely. Before sending him home via a teleporter, Servantis gave him a Null Void Projector designed to teleport him to Incarcecon. Adriel planned to visit Servantis periodically, but Servantis asked him to stay on Earth unless absolutely necessary, stating that he wanted him to live his life without wasting his time. Adriel pressed on and offered to get him professional help, but Servantis still refused. Adriel then went home, promising to return someday.

Adriel moved on with his life, continuing to go on missions as a Plumber. In 1995, he fell in love with a woman named Adalia and got into a relationship with her, eventually marrying her in 1998. Adriel did not hide his being a Plumber from Adalia, as he did not want to be dishonest and felt that she would not truly know him on a personal level if he were to hide his job. In spite of this, he did not tell her about his history with Servantis, mostly out of guilt for not being able to save him from the Null Void. Several months after they married, they decided they wanted a child, thus beginning a long streak of them trying and failing to conceive. They eventually succeeded and had a son named Alan. However, there was a chance that Alan would not live longer than a few weeks, as he was born too early. Although he pulled through, Adriel and Adalia did not want to take any chances and therefore raised him very carefully and protectively.

In Thnks fr th Mmrs, Adriel returned from a mission on Lepidopterra with a plant he found. He gave it to Adalia as an apology for being too busy. Adalia then gave it to Alan, explaining to Adriel that he missed him while he was gone. She then told Alan to put it in his room. Still wanting to make it up to Adalia for being away, Adriel suggested going out for dinner and leaving Alan with his in-laws (Adalia's parents). She agreed, and went to call them while Adriel watched TV. Her parents agreed, so she went to break the news to Alan, only to find him on the ground unconscious. Adriel took one look and realized no ordinary doctor would be able to cure him. He retrieved the Null Void Projector Servantis gave him and went into Incarcecon with Alan. He was immediately confronted by guards, but was able to convince them to bring him to Servantis.

After examining Alan, Servantis discovered that Alan's body temperature had dropped dramatically and fused him with Pyronite DNA to increase his temperature and save his life. He gave Adriel some private time with Alan, during which Adriel comforted him and convinced him to go to sleep. Servantis later returned and Adriel explained what happened. Servantis told Adriel that he should leave Alan with him in Incarcecon to help him master his powers. Adriel returned home with Alan, bringing Servantis with him to help explain the situation to his wife, Adalia. She was very distraught by what had happened to Alan, but insisted that he should stay with them, whereas Adriel felt it was safer for him to be with Servantis. Distressed by the sight of his parents arguing, Alan concentrated and was able to revert to human. This gave Adriel hope that Alan could live with him and Adalia after all. Seemingly out of nowhere, Servantis electrocuted Alan and Adalia and apologized to Adriel before electrocuting him too.

When Adriel and Adalia regained consciousness, Alan was nowhere in sight and they could not remember anything that happened in the last two hours. In a panicked state, the Albrights filed a police report for Alan's kidnapping, also mentioning that they had both lost some of their memories. The lack of evidence, coupled with the convenient fact that both Adriel and Adalia lost their memories, led to the them being detained by the police and having to take lie detector tests. They were eventually let go once the police were unable to prove that they committed the crime, but they were ostracized by their town as many people believed they had secretly killed Alan. Losing him took a toll on Adriel and Adalia, as they both became miserable and began to argue more often. Adriel also retired from the Plumbers, feeling that he would not be in the right state of mind to succeed on missions.

Adriel briefly appeared in Cool Kids, wistfully looking at a picture of himself, Alan and Adalia.

In Verge, Servantis showed up at the Albright residence with Alan, after having erased his memories of the past year, and restored Adriel and Adalia's memories. Adalia brought Alan inside while Servantis talked to Adriel outside. He justified his actions, saying that everything he did was to protect him. Adriel did not see it that way, but instead of arguing with him extensively, he thanked him for returning Alan and told him to go home, threatening to call the Plumbers if he ever saw him again. When Adriel entered the house, he walked in on Adalia packing Alan's things. She told him to do the same with his own things, announcing that they were moving away. Adriel advised her to think rationally and promised to find a good place far away, adding that they had only just gotten Alan back and they should at least spend some time with him before thinking about anything else. Adalia relented and they both took comfort in finally having their son back.

Days later, the Albright family moved to Grover's Mill and Adriel came clean to Adalia about his history with Servantis.

Prior to Protector of the Omniverse

Approximately two years after the Albrights moved to Grover's Mill, Adalia gave birth to another boy named Aaron.

A year after that, at the age of nine, Alan began to go through puberty, several years before most normal boys would. While Alan accepted this rather easily (albeit not fully comprehending how his body would change), Adriel and Adalia feared that it would somehow cause his Pyronite powers to re-activate.

This came true about two weeks prior to the Alien Force episode Everybody Talks About the Weather, when Alan woke up one morning and his bed was on fire. Adriel put out the fire and told Alan that he had Pyronite DNA, though he neglected to mention how he got it. To prevent him from being attacked if he was seen in his Pyronite form, Adriel gave him his Plumber badge. Unbeknownst to the Albright family, Alan's Pyronite DNA resurfacing caused his human form to go through puberty early, instead of the other way around. This is because Pyronites go through puberty at a younger age than humans.

Powers and Abilities

Adriel has the skills of a standard Plumber.



  • Adalia Albright: Adriel cares deeply about Adalia and is willing to risk his life for her. Although they don't always see eye to eye, he often tries to listen to her concerns and see things through her point of view to de-escalate the situation. Adriel trusts her enough to tell her most of his secrets, though he has hidden some things from her in the past, such as his history with Servantis.
  • Alan Albright: Adriel deems Alan's safety and well-being extremely important, even moreso than his own. He quickly accepted the idea of making Alan a Pyronite hybrid as long it saved his life, and was open to giving him to Servantis to protect him.


  • Braylon Servantis: Adriel used to hold Servantis in high regard and trusted him greatly, to the point that he secretly broke the law to venture into the Null Void to find him, and was willing to hand Alan over to him to help him control his powers. Although Adriel has severed his ties with Servantis after knowing the truth, he still wishes he could have done something to prevent him from sacrificing his freedom.



All episodes. Only makes a cameo appearance in Cool Kids.