Aaron Matthews is the sibling of abby and a hero of the futuristic Bellwood, He is an omnitrix himself capable of manipulating many things..sort of.

Aaron Matthews
Vital statistics
Home World Earth
Species Human/Unknown
Age 11
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Reddish brown
Eye Color Red
Relatives Anne Matthews (sister)
Ayden Matthews (grandfather)
Affiliation Project xeno(Member)
Role Secondary hero/Jerk little brother
Powers and equipment
Powers Metatrix



Adrian was originally a clone of a dead child. Ayden originally had a son with another woman, a hidden alien who was with him before Ayden went off world. The woman was in fact pregnant and was rushed into a hospital where she gave birth to two babies. Abby survived but her sibling didn't. The woman had taken care of Anne with babysitters. Ayden was sad about his child.

Second Version

Later, Ayden was experimenting with Azmuth and supposedly, while they worked on a new device, the matrices synchronized and entered a form that shocked the man. Ayden kept the child despite Azmuth's pleas, seeing as how the child resembled him greatly. Even having his Omnitrix. Anne had agreed to have a brother with her own handcrafted Omnitrix.

Aliens and Powers


The alien list has up to only 11 here and will stay that way for some time, Unlike his sister each alien has an ultimate.

  • Gargon
  • Atomax
  • Eastor
  • Upgrade
  • Friction
  • Quicksand
  • Chesher
  • Megabolt
  • Weaver
  • Giganto
  • Triceron
  • NightHowler
  • MindMatter


He has gained such elemental powers

  • Elemental Manipulation: Can manipulate fire, water, earth. And air which also lets him manipulate nature and fauna itself.


Adrian is usually short with a black  shirt and an orange T forming on his chest with black pants and orange shows, He has reddish-brown hair.

His shutdown button is on his back


Adrian is a smart, Sarcastic, And generally  funny sibling.

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