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Nurse Adria
Adria and Osiris.png
Adria hugging her wife Osiris
General Information
Species Circadian
Residence Anur G'rrnay
Dimension Dimension 10
Timeline Prime Timeline
Occupations Nurse
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Minor Shapeshifting
Sleep Inducement
Dream Manipulation
Sleep Cancellation
Enhanced Durability
Relatives Doctor Osiris (Wife)
Friends Ben Tennyson
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
The Only Good Necroterran

Adria is a Circadian nurse living on the planet Anur G'rrnay with her wife Doctor Osiris in Earth-1010. She appears in Ben 10: Road Trip.


Adria has an average appearance for her species- large, with soft white bodies that appear almost to be made of bedsheets. She has soft blue eyes.


Adria is deeply in love with, and highly defensive of, her wife Osiris.

Powers and Abilities

Adria is a skilled nurse, and is well experienced in making sure she is the only person people see working in her and Osiris' hospital.

Adria has the normal powers of her species, primarily the ability to put people into a pleasant sleep.


Nurse Adria bought a hospital on Anur G'rrnay as a marriage proposal to Osiris. She accepted, and the pair run the hospital together. Adria makes sure no one sees Osiris, because she knows no one would understand her.

Ben 10: Road Trip

Nurse Adria first appeared when Ben woke up in her hospital after being defeated by Time Breaker Albedo in The Only Good Necroterran. Ben immediately got up and pursued the Necroterran he had seen, but Adria jumps to her defence. Through calm explanation, Ben gains their trust and Doctor Osiris teaches him about her powers.


Ben 10: Road Trip