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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
DNA source Lynn
Body Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Adaptation
Equipment Arm Cannon
Voice Actor Jessica DiCicco

Adamantion is Derwin 13’s Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Human from the planet Earth in the Derwin 13 Shorts.


Adamantion is one of the few aliens to change with Derwin’s gender.

As a male, he has a similar physique to Lynn but he has shoulder length black hair and pale skin. He wears a black shirt, a long grey coat, brown shoes, and green pants.

As a female, she has a more feminine body, with long black hair and and pale skin. She wears a black womens shirt, a long grey coat, brown shoes, and a green skirt. She has a tan purse, and any objects in Derwin‘s purse get put in there.

Both wear a silver arm cannon.

Powers and Abilities

Adamantion has the ability to adapt themself and their gun to any situation. The gun can mimic any attack. The gun also takes phone calls.

They have enhanced agility, strength, speed, jumping, and reflexes.


They can be distracted by a phone call on their gun.

The Omnitrix is on the gun, so if the gun breaks, they turn back to normal.


Upon Derwin meeting Lynn, the Omnitrix scanned her.




Adamantion is a combination of adaptation and human.


  • This alien’s gun is based on Oblivio from Miraculous Ladybug.
  • Lynn hopes to eventually have a body like female Adamantion.
  • This was made for Pride Month.
  • This page will be overhauled.
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