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Adam 14: The Rising Of The Heroes is a series by Jediad that follows Adam and Drake Maxson as they need to save the universe from the Ruler Kelaror and his Captain Sentris It is supposed to have 12 seasons, and it was created on Thursday 5 December 2013


A warlord named Kelaror has come to Earth to take a device that changes the DNA of any user wearing it, named the Sentraplex. It lands in a town and it goes into the possession of Adam Maxson. Now Adam and his brother Drake have to work and train with the Plumbers to stop Kelaror.


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Season 1: The Beginning

The Change Of Life Part 1

The Change Of Life Part 2

Hollow Minds  

Reverse Time's

Swords And Fire

The Balance

Acid Is Thicker Than Blood

The Hunter And The Hunted


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Minor Villains

  • Night Way
  • DL-X