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Adalia Albright
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Paytonville (formerly)
Grover's Mill
Age 39 (Thnks fr th Mmrs)
40 (Verge)
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Adriel Albright (husband)
Alan Albright (son)
Aaron Albright (son)
Nicknames Honey (Adriel)
Mom (Alan)
Voice Actor Masasa Moyo
First Appearance Thnks fr th Mmrs

Adalia Albright (born 1966) is a character in Bonds. She first appeared in Thnks fr th Mmrs. She is a human from the planet Earth. She is the wife of Adriel Albright and the mother of Alan and Aaron Albright.


Adalia is an African-American woman who wears a plain long-sleeved red blouse, along with long dark grey pants. She has long, curly black hair that stops right below her shoulders.


Adalia is family-oriented and strives to ensure that her family is the best it can be. Other than that, she redirects her attention to her job to cope with stress or forget her problems, which she knows is not entirely healthy.


Prior to Bonds

Not much is known about Adalia's life growing up.

In 1995, she fell in love with a man named Adriel and got into a relationship with him, eventually marrying him in 1998. It was during this time that Adriel revealed that he was a Plumber. Adalia's feelings towards Adriel did not change, and she in fact grew to respect him even more for the good he had done for the galaxy. Several months after they married, they decided they wanted a child, thus beginning a long streak of them trying and failing to conceive. They eventually succeeded and had a son named Alan. However, there was a chance that Alan would not live longer than a few weeks, as he was born too early. Although he pulled through, Adriel and Adalia did not want to take any chances and therefore raised him very carefully and protectively.


In Thnks fr th Mmrs, Adriel returned from a mission on Lepidopterra with a plant he found. He gave it to Adalia as an apology for being too busy. Adalia then gave it to Alan, explaining to Adriel that he missed him while he was gone. She then told Alan to put it in his room. Still wanting to make it up to Adalia for being away, Adriel suggested going out for dinner and leaving Alan with his in-laws (Adalia's parents). She agreed, and went to call them while Adriel watched TV. Her parents agreed, so she went to break the news to Alan, only to find him on the ground unconscious. In a state of panic, she told Adriel to call the police. However, he instead retrieved a Null Void Projector and took Alan into the Null Void, promising to make sure that Alan would be alright.

Adalia spent the next hour or so hoping and praying for Alan to survive. Adriel soon returned home with Alan, who was now a Pyronite hybrid. Adriel also brought his friend Servantis with him to help explain the situation to her. Adriel suggested leaving Alan with Servantis so that he could get used to his new abilities, but Adalia insisted that he should stay with them. Distressed by the sight of his parents arguing, Alan concentrated and was able to revert to human. This gave Adriel hope that Alan could live with him and Adalia after all. Seemingly out of nowhere, Servantis electrocuted Alan and Adalia and apologized to Adriel before electrocuting him too.

When Adriel and Adalia regained consciousness, Alan was nowhere in sight and they could not remember anything that happened in the last two hours. In a panicked state, the Albrights filed a police report for Alan's kidnapping, also mentioning that they had both lost some of their memories. The lack of evidence, coupled with the convenient fact that both Adriel and Adalia lost their memories, led to the them being detained by the police and having to take lie detector tests. They were eventually let go once the police were unable to prove that they committed the crime, but they were ostracized by their town as many people believed they had secretly killed Alan. Losing him took a toll on Adriel and Adalia, as they both became miserable and began to argue more often. Adalia buried herself in her work and mostly kept to herself.

In Verge, Servantis showed up at the Albright residence with Alan, after having erased his memories of the past year, and restored Adriel and Adalia's memories. Adalia brought Alan inside while Servantis talked to Adriel outside. Overwhelmed with emotions, she decided that their family had to move away, and began packing Alan's things. When Adriel entered the house, she told him to do the same with his own things, announcing that they were moving away. Adriel advised her to think rationally and promised to find a good place far away, adding that they had only just gotten Alan back and they should at least spend some time with him before thinking about anything else. Adalia relented and they both took comfort in finally having their son back.

Days later, the Albright family moved to Grover's Mill and Adriel came clean to Adalia about his history with Servantis.

Prior to Protector of the Omniverse

Approximately two years after the Albrights moved to Grover's Mill, Adalia gave birth to another boy named Aaron.

A year after that, at the age of nine, Alan began to go through puberty, several years before most normal boys would. While Alan accepted this rather easily (albeit not fully comprehending how his body would change), Adriel and Adalia feared that it would somehow cause his Pyronite powers to re-activate.

This came true about two weeks prior to the Alien Force episode Everybody Talks About the Weather, when Alan woke up one morning and his bed was on fire. Adriel put out the fire and told Alan that he had Pyronite DNA, though he neglected to mention how he got it. To prevent him from being attacked if he was seen in his Pyronite form, Adriel gave him his Plumber badge. Unbeknownst to the Albright family, Alan's Pyronite DNA resurfacing caused his human form to go through puberty early, instead of the other way around. This is because Pyronites go through puberty at a younger age than humans.



  • Adriel Albright: Adalia trusts Adriel and is supportive of his endeavors. Her faith in him has not waned over the years, to the point that she never blamed him for Alan's disappearance, even after knowing the truth about his past with Servantis.
  • Alan Albright: Adalia is very protective of Alan, due in part to how he had a high chance of dying after being born. She considers the year in which he was missing the worst of her life, and spent most of it in a daze, trying to distract herself by working.