This is the species of Swirls. Most of them look like swrils except different color horns and eyes. You can regonize them by their horns. Not two horns alike.


An rogue Transylvanian scientist bought illegal tech and made a machine which made this species out of Nanotechnology. They started out as mutant orange sticks but evolved into what they are now. That Transylvanian named Alexander, wanted to rule his species but they turned against him and habitated on an deserted planet. They are still there in the Milky Way.

Notable Members


The planet is another planet originally named, "Planet X" until the Actoflabics came and named it Arans.


This species are very serious and focused. If they are assinged a job they will put anything in risk to complete that job. Although Swirls is a shadow of Ben so he has some silliness in him too.


Actroflabics can control air, they can take it away. They can create tornadoes, throw hard pressure air blasts that can rip a normal Aerophibilan (Jetrays species however you spell it). They have super breath. For instance if they blew on you, you'd be flying for hours. Along with tornadoes, they can create wind storms. Their strength is better then an average Methanosian and their speed is a little less then a Necrofriggian flying. They have yellow air bombs that contain air with so much pressure it could rip apart a Celestialsapien!





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