This is a list of aliens appearing in Across the Milky Way.

Alien Species Homeworld Description
Strong Shell Fortan Fort A very durable armored alien that has a shell made out of enforced metal.
Waveye Tritonis Tsunamo A white alien with the ability to control his falling speed.
Upper Cod Treskat Reka Fugu A fish-like spined alien that swims very fast and for long.
Brainhacker ZX-25 ZX A very intelligent alien that can hack anything.
Spectre Effis Effigia An alien magician with the power of a nether star.
Equine Librium Caballibran Caballibra A horse-like flying alien with extreme sense of equilibrium.
Eekanurchin Minegan Mynfilt An alien that can jump high and avoid obstacles with ease.
Snailephone Genetically Enhanced Nautilus N/A A shelly alien with enhanced hearing and tentacles.
Seegle Aquillean Aquillea An eagle-like alien flying at fast speeds and excellent vision.
Infobox ZX-26 ZX An information storage device with artificial intelligence.
Question Segretosapien Effigia A spherical alien with powers of limited time speed manipulation.
Fish and Chips Piscepotaten Hautwasser A fish-like alien that fires yellow projectiles.
Seagross Algelidan Parka A green flora alien with regeneration and stretching ability.
Aquattacker Esplosapien Cleeph A fat alien similar to a cyclops, and strong enough to create a wave.
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