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General Information
Home World Unknown
Body Head
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Unknown
First Appearance The More Things Change: Part 1

Acrosians are an alien species from an unknown planet.


Acrosians are a species that do not have a torso. Acrosians have pink skin and yellow eyes with no irises.

In BATO it's revealed, that male Acrosians have a more rectangular head compared to female Acrosians, whose heads are rather round.

Powers & Abilities

Not much is known about their natural abilities. In all current appearances Scrosians appear wearing somekind of battle armour that helps them move around. An Acrosian's powers can vary depending on hwo advanced their armour is.


Without their armour, Acrosians are unable of walking.

Notable Acrosians


The name Acrosian comes from the Greek root acro- meaning an extremity of the body.


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