General Information
Powers and Abilities

acro-bat is the evolutionizer's DNA sample of a foxbat from the planet circusonar  in eli ten.


it resembles a humanoid golden crown flying fox bat with a jumpsuit

Powers and Abilities

 its claws are poisonous the poison can paralyze then enemy  for a few minutes

it can send out a screech that damages the enemy 

it can send out a kick while gliding and flying the effect is like crashoppers and the glide kick   is similar to batmans glide kick from the arkham games

extremely flexible


in the works or make a suggestion


  • the end of a  dark era
  • the dark night
  • alike but your not me
  • days of destruction
  • caving
  • sooner or later
  • eli ten the darkness arises
  • london bridge is rising up
  • ring around anur transyl
  • ghost freak-out(fused with ghostfreak)
  • breaking the mold
  • the whampire strikes back(used by vilgax own clone of ben)
  • end zone
  • one more time


It's name is a a pun on acro-bat

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