Acro-Bat-Ic For Emercrump (Original Design by JakRabbit96)
General Information
Species Yagaterrian
Home Planet Unknown
Body Bat-like Humanoid
Abilities Supersonic Waves
Echo Location
First Appearance The Computer

Acro-Bat-Ic is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Yagaterrian from an unknown planet. He appears in Diamond Man's Untitled Series, the first episode, The Computer.


Acro-Bat-Ic takes the appearance of a large bat, about 6 feet tall. His skin is slightly dark brown while his large ears are a bright pink. He wears a acrobatic suit as well.

The Omnitrix appears on his left wrist.


Acro-Bat-Ic has supersonic waves, as shown when he stunned a monster in The Computer. Acro-Bat-Ic also has echo location, due to being bat-like. This means that he can emit sonar signals in order to locate enemies or his teammates. The signals will then bounce back if they hit an object.

Acro-Bat-Ic has amazing flexibility, being able to dodge attacks with ease. Due to being bat-like, he also has the ability of flight. It is unknown if he has enhanced speed through flight, however.


With his big ears, Acro-Bat-Ic is sensitive to supersonic waves. He also cannot swim.


  • In The Computer, Sarth uses Acro-Bat-Ic to fight the monster, only to stun it before failing.
  • In Acting Up, Acro-Bat-Ic is used to find Owen by echolocation.


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