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Home World Aciquash
Body Axolotl-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acid Abilities

Acitians are Acidlotol's species in Duke: Alien Warrior. They live on the planet Aciquash.


Members of the species have 2 fins on each side of their head. They have completely one-color eyes, that change between childhood to adulthood, going from purple to green.


Powers and Abilities

They are excellent swimmers, and very intelligent. They can control acid, and their bodies produce acid when they are harmed.


They are incredibly weak to fire, which burns them severely. Though, one in a hundred are immune to fire.


Aciquash was once incredibly full, so half the population moved to new planets. Some went to live underground on Teradino, while some went and made peace with the Piscciss Volann and lived on Piscciss.

Notable Acitian

  • Acidfin (”Watch”‘s Acitian DNA sample)
  • Acidlotol (Omnitrix’s Acitian DNA sample)
    • Acid Puncher
    • (Alternate version of Acitian DNA sample)
  • Poifin (Undertown Inhabitant)

Notable Acitian Hybrids

  • Acitian/Piscciss Volann Hybrids on Piscciss

Notable Acitian Fusions

  • AcidaTrout (Accidental Omnitrix/Biomnitrix fusion containing Acitian DNA)


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