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Acidrain is one of the aliens in the series Simien 10 and Ben 10: Unlimited Power . He is one of Simien's aliens. He also appears in Ben 10: Unlimited Power as one of Ben's aliens in the Omnitrix III.Acidrain is confirmed to appear in Sem 2.10 as one of the aliens. Acidrain meanwhile is the only alien of the Polytrix to appear (not as a cameo in one episode) in three series (counting Simien 10: Space Race as Simien 10).

Acidrain (1)
General Information
Species Derreteir
Home World Fundirse
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting, Shooting acid, Flight


  • Hovering
  • cannot be harmed by acid
  • Acidic body that anything it touches melts
  • Shooting acid from his hands
  • Shapeshifting (into stuff made of acid)

    Acidrain (by Lumin8)




  • Though the ball in his chest is indestructible, it can be electrocuted, making Acidrain's goo fall down
  • His goo is always acidic, so he can't touch a thing.

Species and Planet

Species: Derreteir

The real species is actually the ball in the chest, not actually the acid. The ball can take over many types of substances like sand and gases, not always acid, though it is the most common. Their indestructibility helps them survive Fundirse's gravity that can crush most creatures. Since they don't breathe, the toxic gases don't affect them, and they even control the gases to attack other non-native species.

Planet: Fundirse

A gas planet with dozens of gas types in it's clouds. These gas types usually collide and create substances like acid or sand. Not many creatures live on this planet because of the toxic gases. The most common substance created is acid. It has two moons: Barzell and Demoiselle.


His goo is the same color as the goo of Meltdown of the series Transformers Animated

He has a silver metal ball in his chest that keeps his acid in place, like Goop's UFO.

Alternate versions


Niardica is Acidrain's opposite clone, used by Neimis in the video game Simien 10: Villains. He has the opposite of Acidrain's powers. Niardica can shoot opposite acid (a material that hardens), and he is hard. Niardica is a Rieterred from Esridnuf.


Meltdown is Acidrain's ultimate (evolved) form. Meltdown has all Acidrain's powers and more. Meltdown can melt with his acid, can release acidic gas from his hand, can harden his hands to be non-melting and he can fly (like stinkfly or jetray). Meltdown is a evolved Derreteir from Fundirse.


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